Santa Fun Games


Version 3.3 is here and Mama Claus has arrived!

She’s here to help you all make delicious sweets for Santa, the Elves and all the Reindeers. She’s got some wonderful recipes she needs your help to make. 

Make sure you play Sweet Smash and give her a hand!​

Santa Fun Games


Version 3.2 is here!
It’s time for the Balloon Popping Party!

Head on over to Find Santa’s Path, and when you’ve found him, we’ll all celebrate by popping as many Christmas Balloons as we can!

Pop! Pop!​

Santa Fun Games


Version 3.1 is out!
The latest game on Santa Fun Games is here! Get ready to match some candies!

Come and play our newest game:
Sweet Smash!

Santa Fun Games


Version 3.0.5 is out!
We've been fixing bugs and making Santa Fun Games better to play. We've also brought back the Christmas Countdown!

Update to the latest version!

Latest News

Update And Play Flappy Reindeer!


It's been nearly a week since the release of our newest Santa Fun Games update, which includes our newest game FLAPPY REINDEER! So make sure to update your Santa Fun Games app to the latest version and try out our great new game!

Only One Week Until Christmas!


Christmas is just a week away! We hope everyone is as excited as we are over here at Apptronics. Now is the perfect time to enjoy all of the great Christmas apps we have to offer. Did you know you can gift apps? So if you're stuck for ideas on what presents to get your friends or family, why not give them the awesome gift of one of our many apps! HO HO HO, One Week To Go!

Flappy Reindeer ​- COMING SOON!


Get ready as young Rudolph has been sent on his very first training course. Santa needs the very best reindeers the North Pole has to offer and although Rudolph may not be a very expereinced flyer, he's determined to make the team! But... He needs your help! So keep an eye out, Flappy Reindeer is coming your way VERY soon!

Halloween Fun Games NOW on the Website!


Halloween Fun Games is up and running on the Apptronics website. Check it out by going to the 'App' section at the top of the Home page. Christmas may be getting close, but there are still a few cobwebs about. Never know when you're gonna get SPOOKED!
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