Have You Seen Ollie's Gloves?
by Rob Clements on October 30th, 2015

Have You Seen Ollie

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We have been working hard on a new update for our halloween game - Halloween Fun Games.
We have added 3 new games to an already fun packed game.

New Games:
  • Trick or Treat
  • Soaring Zelda
  • Bones Barrage
This new update is now available on the App Store - Halloween Fun Games

This blog will also include the first story from Santa Fun Stories!

Ollie the Elf has lost his little, fluffy, green gloves, and he can’t find them anywhere! Let’s hope he can find them somehow!

Without further ado, here’s the first story from Santa Fun Stories...

Have You Seen Ollie's Gloves?

This is Ollie the Elf. Ollie is the loveliest, friendliest elf in the North Pole. He lives in the coldest, snowiest part of the North Pole with Santa Claus and the rest of his friends. Ollie helps Santa make the toys to give to good little boys and girls at Christmas.

Ollie is sad because he has lost his little fluffy, green glove. He only has one left! Shall we see if we can help him find his glove? Ollie's best friend is Emilie the Elf! He’s going to ask her if she can help him find his fluffy, green glove!

‘Hi Ollie!’ said Emilie. ‘Why do you look so sad?’

‘I’ve lost my glove’ Ollie said sadly. ‘Can you help me find it?’

‘Of course I can Ollie!’ Emilie said. ‘ First we will ask Mama Claus! She’s always helpful.’
Emilie the Elf Image
Mama Claus works in the bakery, she makes all the sweets and treats for Santa and the Elves. The bakery is the best place in the North Pole to go if you want to smell amazing cakes and see so many different and beautiful colours of icing. Ollie and Emilie love helping Mama Claus to make the sweets.

‘Hello Ollie and Emilie!’ Mama Claus says sweetly. ‘Do you want to lick the cookie bowl?’

‘Not right now Mama Claus!’ Ollie exclaimed. ‘ Me and Emilie are looking for my fluffy, green glove! Have you seen it?’

‘Sorry Ollie! I've been in the bakery all day!’ Mama Claus says. ‘Maybe you should go and ask Santa Claus? He’s in the Toy Workshop, he might have seen your glove!’
Mama Claus Image
Santa Claus is in the Toy Workshop, he’s very busy! Ollie and Emilie love to help Santa make the toys.

‘Hello Ollie and Emilie!’ Santa says cheerily. ‘Have you come to help me put the wheels on this train?’

‘Sorry Santa, me and Emilie are looking for my glove!’ Ollie says gloomily. ‘My fluffy, green glove. Have you seen it?’

‘I saw a glove earlier, I think it was green…’ Santa says thoughtfully. ‘I put it in my pocket!’

Santa has a lot of different coloured bits and pieces in his pockets. There is a green glove with the things in his pocket.

‘That's not my glove!’ Ollie says unhappily. ‘It's not fluffy! Sorry Santa.’

‘I’m sorry it’s not the right glove Ollie.’ Santa says. ‘I think I know who it belongs to though!’
Santa Claus Image
Ollie and Emilie set out to find who the glove belongs to. They walk across the crunchy fresh snow, towards the reindeer stables, where Snowy the Snowman lives. Ollie and Emilie love helping Snowy to get dressed in the morning. Snowy has two green gloves on. One of the gloves is fluffy and green.

“That's my glove!’ Ollie shouts excitedly.

‘That must mean that the glove Santa found is Snowy’s glove!’ Emilie said joyfully.

'My glove! I knew someone would find it for me!' Snowy says happily. 'I can give you your glove back now Ollie, I borrowed it to keep my stick warm.'

'That’s ok Snowy! We both have our gloves back now! Ollie smiles.

'Come on Ollie!' Emilie says. 'Let’s go and see if Mama Claus needs any help licking that cookie bowl!'

The End

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