Introducing Santa Fun Stories
by Rob Clements on October 30th, 2015

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Here at Apptronics, we have decided to venture into the beautiful and endless world that is storytelling. All of our stories will be unique and will encourage children to learn new things and follow the adventures of our characters.

Our Stories will be written for children aged 3 - 5 and all the characters from our free app, Santa Fun Games, will be featured, so that the children can interact with the characters in many different ways.

You can download the app here - Santa Fun Games

​The subjects that we plan to include in our stories will cover valuable life lessons and will follow our characters through childhood challenges, for example: brushing their teeth and getting ready for bed. As well as the everyday challenges that children face, we will also include fun and exciting adventures that your child can enjoy alongside our characters.

​We will be releasing new lines of the stories, on our social media accounts, multiple times a day, and every Friday we will be releasing the entire story right here on our blog. So make sure you’re following us to read the newest section everyday! You can find links to our social media below.

Santa Fun Interactive Stories

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We are currently working on a brand new app called Santa Fun Interactive Stories, where you can read all about Santa and his friends adventures, in one convenient place.

All of the stories included in this app will be interactive and, will be brought to life through the whimsical voices of our all-star character cast. It will contain stories from Santa Claus, Mama Claus, Ollie the Elf, and more.

We’ll be talking more about this in the future, so keep your eyes peeled for any Santa Fun Interactive Stories updates!

Santa Fun Games Stories

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To give everyone a chance at reading these magical, interactive stories, a few stories will be released into our children's app, Santa Fun Games. These stories will be built around all our characters and will include fun backstories for them all.

Some subjects we will include are:
  • Baking with Mama Claus
  • Teaching Rudolph to fly
  • Snowball fights with Ollie
  • Playing Hide and Seek with Santa
  • And many, many more!
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Social Media

Here are the links to our social media accounts, so you can follow Santa Fun Stories as they are released!

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