The Misbehaving Toy Machine
by Rob Clements on November 6th, 2015

The Misbehaving Toy Machine Image

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We’re back again with another story for you this week. We’ve been hard at work, crafting the most exciting story, set in the magical North Pole.

Ollie the Elf is wrapping the presents in the Santa’s Workshop, but he’s gotten himself into a little bit of trouble! I hope he can find a way out of it!

Here’s the newest edition of Santa Fun Stories!

The Misbehaving Toy Machine

It’s a sunny, but chilly day in the North Pole. Everyone in the North Pole is working very hard at their different jobs. No place is better to work than the Toy Workshop. Everything in the Toy Workshop works perfectly and nothing ever goes wrong. Ollie the Elf works in the Toy Workshop, helping Santa to make sure that every toy works correctly. Ollie works with the Toy Machine which has never had a problem in all the years that it's been there.
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Today, Ollie is very busy. It’s getting closer to Christmas and all the last minute toys must be built and painted. Suddenly, the Toy Machine lets out a loud bang and stops working! Ollie stands frozen, staring as all the toys start to pile up next to the broken machine.

‘Oh No!’ Ollie says worriedly. ‘The Toy Machine! It’s making such a mess! What am I going to do?’
Soon, there are toys all over the floor next to the machine and they are spreading across the room.

‘Help!’ Shouts Ollie. ‘Help!’

Emilie the Elf is walking past the Toy Workshop. She hears Ollie's cries for help.

‘Hello Ollie!’ Emilie says as she pushes the Workshop door open. ‘Why are there toys everywhere? What have you been doing?’

‘Oh Emilie,’ Ollie sighs. ‘The Toy Machine made this loud bang sound and then stopped working! I don't know what to do!’

‘I’ll try and make my way over to the button that stops the moving belt.’ Emilie says calmly. ‘That will stop the toys going all over the floor.’
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Emilie climbs carefully over the mountains of trucks, cars and teddy bears. The toy mountains are very wobbly and a couple of toys fall near Emilie’s head.

‘There, that should do it.’ Emilie says after pushing the big, red button.

The toys stop moving, and the room becomes quiet but very, very messy.

‘We should tidy this mess up before Santa or Mama Claus comes in.’ Ollie says as the door to the Toy Workshop opens.
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‘Oh my! What a mess!’ Mama Claus gasps as she sees the Toy Workshop. ‘What on earth happened in here?’

‘Um… the Toy Machine broke.’ Ollie says quietly. ‘And then the toys just started going everywhere, I’m so sorry!’

‘It’s ok Ollie!’ Mama Claus says kindly. ‘I was just coming to tell you that the Toy Workshop needed a tidy up! I’m sure you and Emilie will have fun clearing this up!’
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