Snowy's Dressing Troubles
by Rob Clements on November 13th, 2015


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We’ve got another story for you this week, featuring Snowy, Ollie, Emilie and more!

Snowy the Snowman’s hat and scarf have been blown away by a huge blast of wind! How’s he going to get them back?

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Snowy's Dressing Troubles

It was a very cloudy day in the North Pole and the trees were nearly blown sideways by the strength of the wind. Snowy the Snowman was struggling to hold onto his hat and scarf. Snowy’s hat suddenly flew off his head and landed on the topmost branch of the nearest tree.

‘My hat!’ Snowy cries. ‘How am I meant to get that back?’
Snowy the Snowman Image
The wind just kept getting stronger, and Snowy was holding onto his scarf as tightly as he could. Suddenly with one huge blast, the wind plucked the scarf out of Snowy’s hand and carried it up next to Snowy’s hat.

Ollie the Elf and Emilie the Elf went walking towards Rudolph’s Stable to check out the damage the storm caused. They notice Snowy, shivering and looking very cold.

‘Hello Snowy!’ Emilie shouts. ‘You look very cold!’
Emilie the Elf Image
‘I’m freezing!’ Snowy exclaims. ‘The wind blew my hat and scarf into that tree and I can’t reach them.’

‘Oh no!’ Ollie says. ‘I’ll see if I can get them for you! I’m a great climber!’

‘I don’t think you should climb up there Ollie.’ Emilie says seriously. ‘It looks slippery, you might fall.’

‘I’ll be fine, Emilie! I can climb really high!’ Ollie shouts already starting to climb.

‘You stay here, Snowy,’ Emilie says quietly. ‘Make sure he doesn’t fall, I’ll go and find someone to help.’

Emilie rushes off and Snowy is left alone with Ollie.

‘Um… Snowy?’ Ollie shouts. ‘I think I might be stuck, I can’t reach the next branch.’
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‘Emilie has gone to get someone to help, can you hold on?’ Snowy asks.

‘Maybe…’ Ollie replies. ‘I hope they hurry up. I’m a little bit scared.’

Emilie comes rushing back pulling Rudolph along behind her.

‘Ollie! Are you ok?’ Emilie yells. ‘Rudolph is going to fly up and save you, and the hat and the scarf.’

‘I’m scared!’ Ollie shouts back.

‘I’m coming Ollie.’ Rudolph says. ‘Don’t panic.’

Rudolph flies up and stops next to Ollie. ‘Let go Ollie, I’m here to catch you.’

Ollie let go of the branch and lands on Rudolph’s back. Rudolph flies up again, towards the topmost branch.

‘Ollie, I need you to grab the hat and scarf,’ Rudolph shouts back at Ollie.

‘Ok Rudolph, I’ll try.’ Ollie replies while reaching out for the hat and scarf. ‘I’ve got them! Let’s go down!’

Rudolph flew back towards the ground and landed with a quiet thump. Ollie climbed off Rudolph’s back and gave him a big hug.

‘Thank you, thank you, thank you Rudolph!’ Ollie cries. ‘You saved me!’
Ollie the Elf Image 02
‘It’s no problem Ollie!’ Rudolph smiles. ‘I love to fly.’

Emilie runs over and takes Snowy’s hat and scarf off Ollie and walks over to Snowy. Emilie wraps the scarf around Snowy’s neck and places the hat gently on his head.

‘There you go Snowy,’ Emilie says. ‘All warm and toasty again.’

“Thank you everyone for your help.’ Snowy smiles. ‘You can all go back inside and have a fresh, hot cake from Mama’s Bakery now!’
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