Ollie and the Twinkle Sprinkle Cakes
by Rob Clements on November 20th, 2015

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We’ve got the next story for you this week, featuring Ollie, Emilie and Mama Claus!

Ollie and Emilie the Elf are helping Mama Claus to make Twinkle Sprinkle Cakes in Mama’s Bakery. Ollie gets a little carried away, and forgets the magic words. Will he remember before everything’s been baked?

Here’s Santa Fun Stories’ newest story...

Ollie and the Twinkle Sprinkle Cakes

It is a sunny, clear day in the North Pole. Ollie the Elf and Emilie the Elf are helping Mama Claus in the Bakery. Today they are making Twinkle Sprinkle Cakes. The recipe is very complicated and Ollie is not very good at putting the ingredients in, in the right order.

Emilie is usually on hand to make sure that he doesn’t mess up too badly. When they're finished preparing the cake mix, Mama spoons the mix into a baking tray, which goes into the oven.​

‘Will the cakes be ready soon, Mama?’ Ollie asks excitedly.
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‘In about twenty minutes, Ollie.’ Mama replies setting the timer. ‘You can both have a fresh, warm Twinkle Sprinkle Cake for helping!’

‘Oh thank you Mama!’ Emilie says excitedly. ‘I love Twinkle Sprinkle Cakes.’

‘What are we going to do while we wait for the cakes to be ready?’ Ollie asks.

‘You can help lick the bowl if you want to, Ollie.’ Mama replies.

‘Oh yay!’ Ollie shouts.

Ollie and Emilie grab a spoon from Mama Claus’ hand.

‘Thank you Mama Claus,’ Emilie smiles.

Ollie is already rushing over to the bowl to get the first lick at the Twinkle Sprinkle Cake mix.

‘Ollie, are you not going to say thank you?’ Emilie asks.

‘Thank you for what, Emilie?’ Ollie replies.

‘Thank you to Mama Claus for letting you lick the bowl!’ Emilie says loudly. ‘Or she won’t let you lick the bowl anymore.’

‘Thank you,’ Ollie says quickly with his spoon already in the bowl.

‘No, say it properly.’ Emilie says sternly. ‘You need to say it like you mean it.’

‘It’s ok this time, Ollie.’ Mama Claus says sternly. ‘Make sure the next time you say it properly or you’ll be disappointed.’

Emilie rushes over to the bowl to join Ollie, and they both lick the bowl completely clean.
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‘Well,’ Mama Claus says smiling. ‘You’ve both done a very good job of that!’

‘Are the cakes ready yet Mama?’ Ollie asks. ‘I’m still hungry!’

Just as Ollie finishes speaking, the timer dings.

‘I think they are, Ollie!’ Emilie shouts excitedly.

Mama Claus lifts the perfectly baked cakes out of the oven and sets them gently on the side.

‘Careful, you two.’ Mama says. ‘These are very hot. Give them a few minutes to cool down a tad and then you can have one.’

Ollie waits impatiently, and asks Mama every few seconds if the cakes are ready yet. Finally, Mama Claus gives Ollie and Emilie a fresh, warm Twinkle Sprinkle Cake each.

‘Ooo thank you Mama!’ Emilie says taking a bite. ‘This looks so good!’

Ollie takes his cake off Mama and is about to take a bite.

‘Ollie!’ Emilie says crossly. ‘Haven’t you forgotten something?’

‘Um…’ Ollie thinks hard. ‘Oh! Thank you so much Mama! Your Twinkle Sprinkle Cakes are the best ever.’
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Mama Claus walks over to Ollie and scoops him into a huge hug.

‘You’re welcome Ollie,’ Mama laughs. ‘Come and join in the hug Emilie! You can both help me anytime.’
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Twinkle Sprinkle Cakes

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