Emilie's Fluffy Cloud Cakes
by Rob Clements on November 27th, 2015


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Ollie, Emilie and Mama Claus are back again this week! Rudolph’s also making an appearance in this story!

Emilie the Elf has Elf Flu, and she’s been told she has to stay in bed until she feels better. Ollie is sad that Emilie is stuck inside, and wants to help her. How will he help her feel better?

Here’s this week’s story from Santa Fun Stories...

Emilie's Fluffy Cloud Cakes

It is a very sunny day in the North Pole and everyone is outside playing in the snow.
Ollie the Elf is sad because his best friend Emilie the Elf is stuck inside.

Emilie has Elf Flu, and the Elf Doctor has told her that she has to stay in bed until she feels better. Ollie feels bad that Emilie can’t play outside and have fun with him and all the other elves.

‘Mama?’ Ollie asks. ‘Is there something we can do to make Emilie feel better about staying indoors?’

‘Well Ollie,’ Mama says thoughtfully. ‘We could make her some of her favourite cakes.’

‘Fluffy Cloud Cakes!’ Ollie shouts excitedly. ‘She loves Fluffy Cloud Cakes, she will be so happy!’
Ollie the Elf Image
‘Come on then.’ Mama smiles fondly at Ollie. ‘Let’s get baking and then you can deliver them to her.’

After Mama Claus has baked and iced the Fluffy Cloud Cakes, she puts three of them in a box and hands it to Ollie.

‘Careful now Ollie.’ Mama says. ‘Make sure you don’t drop the cakes.’

‘I’ll be extra, extra careful!’ Ollie giggles. ‘Bye bye Mama and thank you!’

Ollie sets off across the North Pole towards the Elves’ house, happily singing a song as he walks. Ollie sees Rudolph in the distance.

‘Hello Rudolph!’ Ollie shouts.

‘Hey Ollie!’ Rudolph says back. ‘Is Emilie feeling better yet? She’s missing all the sunshine.’

‘Not yet.’ Ollie says sadly. ‘I’m taking her some fresh, Fluffy Cloud Cakes from Mama’s Bakery.’

‘Ooo, I love Mama’s Fluffy Cloud Cakes,’ Rudolph says. ‘They’ll definitely make her feel better.’
Rudolph the Reindeer Image
‘I have three…’ Ollie says peeking into the box. ‘I’m sure Emilie won’t mind if you have one.’

‘Really?’ Rudolph says excitedly.

‘Yes,’ Ollie gives Rudolph a Fluffy Cloud Cake. ‘But don’t tell Mama.’

Ollie continues walking towards the Elves’ house, where Emilie is resting. He sees all the other elves having a snowball fight.

‘C’mon Ollie!’ One of the other elves shouts. ‘We need you on our team!’

‘I can’t!’ Ollie shouts back. ‘I’m delivering these cakes to Emilie to make her feel better.’

‘Ok Ollie,’ The other elf says. ‘Maybe later.’

Ollie is outside the Elves’ house now. There are only two cakes left, but all the walking has left Ollie very hungry.

‘I can probably have one of Emilie’s cakes,’ Ollie thinks to himself. ‘There will still be one left for Emilie.’

Ollie opens the box and quickly munches one of the cakes. He puts the wrapper back in the box and opens the door.

‘Hello Ollie.’ Emilie says croakily. ‘Have you come to visit me?’

‘Hi Emilie,’ Ollie replies. ‘I’ve brought you some… I mean I’ve brought you a Fluffy Cloud Cake from Mama’s Bakery, do you want it now?’

‘Oh, Fluffy Cloud Cakes are my favourite.’ Emilie says sitting up in bed. ‘If anything can make me feel better, it will be one of those.’
Emilie the Elf Image
Ollie walks closer and places the open box on the bed.

‘Ollie?’ Emilie asks after seeing the empty wrapper. ‘Have you by any chance, eaten one of these?’

‘Well, it’s a very long walk here and once Rudolph had one, I thought maybe you wouldn’t mind,’ Ollie replies. ‘I’m really sorry.’

‘That’s ok Ollie, I don’t think I could have eaten three Fluffy Cloud Cakes.’ Emilie laughs. ‘Thank you so much for delivering my cake. Now you can go and have fun in the snow!’
The End
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​Fluffy Cloud Cakes

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