Emilie's Princess Bedroom
by Janet Clements on December 4th, 2015


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Emilie and Ollie have a new story to tell you this week, and it’s got a very Royal feel about it!

Emilie wants to play her favourite game with Ollie, but he’s not sure if he wants to play. Emilie really wants to play, and she’s got something that might just convince him. Will he say no to a Royal Chunky Choc Cookie?

Here’s Santa Fun Stories’ newest story...

Emilie's Princess Bedroom

Emilie was the most adorable little elf. Everybody loved Emilie.

Emilie shared a very special house with Ollie. It was the Elves’ house which stood at the top of the snowy hill, in the North Pole.

‘Today is our fun day Ollie,’ said Emilie. ‘Are we going to play our usual game?’

Every week, Emilie would ask Ollie to play the same game.

‘Do we have to play it again?’ asked Ollie. ‘Okay if we must. Anything to make you happy Emilie.’

Ollie was never sure of this game, but once he started playing, he always enjoyed it.

Emilie’s bedroom was very pretty. Everywhere you looked, it was pink. She had sparkles and glitter everywhere.
Emilie the Elf Image
‘Okay Ollie, I’m ready!’ shouted Emilie from her pink bedroom. ‘You can come in now!’

‘Oh Prince Ollie,’ said Princess Emilie. ‘You look just perfect in your crown and your robe. You are my Prince Charming.’

‘Oh Princess Emilie, you look so... um, what’s the word... pinky?’ said Prince Ollie.

‘Come into my Palace,’ said Princess Emilie. ‘Would you like a Royal Chunky Choc Cookie?’

Mama Claus would bake Prince Ollie, his favourite Chunky Choc Cookie, with a special royal crown on the top. Emilie would have her Swirly Sugar Mountains, with a sparkling tiara, placed in pink icing in the middle.

‘Prince Ollie, I have to sprinkle you in pink sparkles,’ said Princess Emilie. ‘That way, you will always be my Prince Charming, because you will always have a sparkle for me.’

‘My Prince,’ said Princess Emilie. ‘Would you like to come and sit in your Royal Chair, and have your Royal Chunky Choc Cookie?’

‘My pleasure,’ said Prince Ollie, rubbing away all the sparkles from in his eyes. ‘Pff... this stuff gets everywhere...’
Ollie the Elf Image 01
Prince Ollie sat in the Pink Royal Chair and waited to be served.

‘Oh Yummy!’ said Prince Ollie, as Princess Emilie presented his Royal Cookie on a pink, plastic tiara plate.

Prince Ollie wasted no time in eating the delicious cookie up. There were crumbs everywhere. Ollie loved his cookies, especially the Royal Cookies.

‘Now, Prince Ollie,’ said Princess Emilie. ‘It’s the crowing of the Diamond Tiara. Would you like to do the honors and place it onto my golden hair?’

Prince Ollie said ‘That will be a pleasure my Princess.’

Emilie’s bedroom window was very pretty. It was covered in twinkling, pink fairy lights, and pink frilly curtains.

‘Shall we stand at your pretty window?’ asked Prince Ollie.

As they looked out at the blue sky, Prince Ollie placed the tiara onto the beautiful, Princess Emilie’s head.
Ollie the Elf Image 02
‘Oh Prince Ollie,’ said Emilie, as they held hands. ‘My Diamond Tiara has filled the sky with the brightest of diamonds, twinkling down on us.’

As they both looked up, the diamonds in the sky had formed a beautiful heart, which said: Best Friends Forever.

‘What a magical ending,’ said Prince Ollie. ‘For my best friend in the whole wide world, Princess Emilie.’
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