Ollie's Bedtime Story
by Janet Clements on December 11th, 2015


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Ollie the Elf is here again for this week’s story! He’s made sure he’s nice and comfortable to hear it though!

It’s Ollie’s bedtime, and he can’t wait to hear his favourite story in the whole world. Ollie really loves his bedtime, and can’t wait to snuggle into his warm cosy pyjamas. Will he stay awake to hear the whole story?

Here’s this week’s story from Santa Fun Stories...

​Ollie’s Bedtime Story

Bedtime was a really fun time for Ollie. Ollie loved his bedtime.

Every night, Ollie would snuggle into his warm cosy pyjamas. He’d drink his yummy hot chocolate with marshmallows, and eat his favourite Chunky Choc Cookie.

‘Can we have our bedtime story now?’ asked Ollie all excited.
Ollie the Elf Image 01
‘Oh Ollie,’ said Mama Claus laughing. ‘I think we had better get you all cleaned up first. You have more chocolate around your mouth, than in your tummy!’

Every night, after his milk and cookie, Ollie would settle down. Then he’d snuggle under his lovely warm blanket ready for his story.

‘I’m ready!’ shouted a tired Ollie. ‘You can come out whenever you're ready.’

From across the bedroom, Ollie heard the usual little squeak as the little door opened.
‘Oh you're here,’ said Ollie snuggling deeper into his blanket. ‘Can I have my favourite story, please?’

‘Of course Ollie,’ a little voice replied. ‘What other story would we tell you? You have the same story every night.’

‘The story begins Ollie...’
Once upon a time, there was a tiny little house. This little house lived in the bedroom of the most kindest elf in all the North Pole. His name was Ollie. Every night the little door to the house would squeak open. Then the most beautiful little fairies would fly out through their magical fairy dust, over to Ollie.

Twinkly fairy lights filled Ollies bedroom. They shone brightly, and their magical fairy dust sprinkled down onto Ollie.

‘Make a wish Ollie..’ said the most sweetest little voice. ‘And your wishes will all come true.’

The little fairies would all snuggle up to Ollie and his bedtime teddies. It was such a cosy and loving place for them all to be.

‘This is my favourite story! Please keep reading…’ said Ollie, to the fairies. ‘I’d love to hear the end of the story.’
Ollie the Elf Image 02
‘Okay Ollie,’ said the tiniest fairy of them all.

As she turned around, Ollie had fallen fast asleep.
Ollie never did hear the end of his story, as he always fell asleep.

With a flash of twinkling lights, and a sprinkle of fairy dust to take them home; the fairies blew kisses to Ollie and wished for all his dreams to come true. Good night Ollie.
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