Santa's Magical Beard
by Janet Clements on December 18th, 2015


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Do you know a cheeky little person?

Then a cheeky little Elf will make the perfect Christmas Present!
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There’s a new story this week, and everyone’s involved!

It’s Christmas Eve and it’s that time of year again, when Santa’s Magical Beard has to show off its skills. Everyone else has their part to play too, to make this the most magical night ever. What will they do?

Here’s Santa Fun Stories’ newest story...

​Santa’s Magical Beard

‘Ho Ho Ho!’ said a happy Santa, as he paced around the workshop, stroking his long white beard.

Christmas Eve, was the most magical night of the year.

‘Do you have all the red toy sacks ready, so we can fill them, Ollie?’ asked Santa.

‘Yes of course! I am so excited,’ said Ollie. ‘They are all lined up in the corner. There are so many!’

‘Ho Ho Ho! You have worked very hard Ollie, and I am very proud of you,’ said Santa.

‘The time must be getting very close Santa, for you to do your magic trick,’ said Ollie.

‘Yes, but where is everyone? It’s nearly time,’ said Santa.
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Mama Claus, was over at the bakery, collecting everyone’s favourite cookies. Emilie was collecting her magic tiara. Rudolph was trying to find his glittery coat, and snowy had just arrived with his magic button.

‘Where are your fairy friends Ollie?’ asked Santa. ‘Are they coming over to join us?’

As they turned around, the fairies were flying alongside Mama, Emilie and Rudolph. They were sprinkling them all in magical fairy dust.

In Santa’s workshop, there was a beautiful sitting room. It was filled with lots of snuggly chairs in front of the lovely log burning fire. Everyone snuggled down, with their hot chocolate, marshmallows, and their favourite cookies. It was very magical.

‘Hurry up, hurry up!’ said Ollie. Ollie couldn’t keep still, he was so excited.

‘Okay it’s time,’ said Santa.

They all gathered into the workshop, and stood around the red toy sacks.

‘Ho Ho Ho,’ said Santa, pulling on his beard three times.

‘Here it comes,’ said Ollie.

He watched all the children’s names roll out of Santa’s beard, on the longest piece of paper ever.

‘Look Santa, the magic’s happening,’ said Ollie.
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All the children’s names were flying off the paper. They were picking up all the toys they’ve asked for, and flying them straight into the red sacks. The sacks were filled in no time, and were ready to be delivered to all the excited children all over the world.

Rudolph put his glittery coat on, and joined all his reindeer friends, that were waiting for him at the sleigh.

‘Off you go Santa,’ said Mama. ‘We will be waiting for you when you get back.’

‘Before you go Santa, can you push my magic button?’ said Snowy. ‘To make me cold and frosty again. Being around the fire has made me melt.’

So Santa pushed Snowy’s magic button, and he filled up with cold snow again. Santa gave everyone a special christmas kiss, and stepped into his special sleigh.

‘Don’t forget to cover up, with our snuggly night blankets we put out for you,’ shouted Emilie and Ollie.

Mama Claus had also put some lovely bakery treats in the sleigh, for Santa and the reindeers for their supper.

‘Are you ready Rudolph?’ asked Santa.

Rudolph did his special three stomps with his hoof, and the magical sleigh flew into the sky.

‘Merry Christmas!’ shouted Santa as he looked back and waved. ‘Don’t forget to put your magic tiara on Emilie.’
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Emilie put the magic tiara on her beautiful golden hair. The sky lit up with the most beautiful, twinkly diamonds.

‘Thank you Emilie!’ shouted Santa, as the bright diamonds lit up a magical pathway for Rudolph to follow.

With an extra burst of glittery fairy dust, magic was delivered to the beautiful children all over the world.
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