The Sled Race on Candy Cane Mountain
by Janet Clements on December 24th, 2015

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It’s Christmas Eve! Who’s excited for Christmas tomorrow?

Everyone’s gathered together at the North Pole, and they’re getting ready for their yearly Sled Race on Candy Cane Mountain! Ollie and Emilie have built and designed their own sleds, and they’re ready! Who’s going to win this race on Christmas Eve?

Here’s Santa Fun Stories’ newest story...

​The Sled Race on Candy Cane Mountain

The night was Christmas Eve. Everyone was getting very excited for their special night up on Candy Cane Mountain.

‘We must wrap up very warm,’ said Mama Claus. ‘I think it’s going to be very cold tonight!’
‘Do you think I have enough warm clothes on?’ asked Ollie.

‘Oh Ollie, you are so funny,’ said Emilie laughing. ‘You have so many clothes on, we can just about see you!’

‘Is everybody ready?’ asked Snowy coming in from the cold. ‘Candy Cane Mountain is ready for us, and all lit up.’

Santa and Mama Claus were first to the door, they were so excited.
‘Ho, Ho, Ho,’ said Santa as he opened the big wooden doors.

‘Oh it looks beautiful,’ said Mama, as she walked through the door. ‘Look at all the beautiful, glistening snow, it looks so pretty.’

‘Come on!’ said Emilie. ‘Let’s go and fetch our sleds, I am so excited!’

Without them knowing, Rudolph had fetched all their sleds, and lined them all up at the top of the mountain.

‘Oh Rudolph you are so kind!’ said Emilie. ‘Always thinking of others.’

‘Thank you Rudolph,’ said everyone.

Once a year as a special treat for Christmas, they would all go up to Candy Cane Mountain. It was such a magical night, with the mountain being lit up, with fairy lighted Christmas trees.

The mountain would fill with colour, the same as the different colours of their snow suits and sleds.

‘Oh Emilie, you look so pretty in pink,’ said Mama. ‘I love your Princess tiara engraved on your sled.’
‘I think Ollie’s sled is the funniest one!’ said Emilie. Everybody laughed.

Ollie had designed his own sled, with his favourite Chunky Choc Cookie made into a little house sitting on the top. You couldn't even see Ollie sitting inside his little cookie house.

Each year they would all have a fun race. The winner would be crowned in the most sparkling, Candy Cane Crown.

‘Are you ready?’ asked Rudolph. ‘Let’s start the race!’

‘This is so exciting!’ said Santa. On the count of three, all the sleds took of at an incredible speed.

‘Yippie!’ shouted an excited Ollie. Yet, as Ollie looked out of his little cookie windows, there was no one to be seen.
Ollie’s little cookie sled had driven off course...

Ollie wasn’t aware, that his little cookie house, had hit some ice and taken him off in a different direction.

‘Where am I?’ whispered a frightened Ollie. ‘Where is everyone? Everything is so dark around here...’

Ollie’s sled slowly slid to a complete stop. All you could hear from the little cookie house, was the tiniest, little, frightened voice calling for help…
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