Marshmallow Picking
by Janet Clements on January 1st, 2016

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Happy New Year everyone! We hope you have a fantastic 2016!

It’s time for everyone at the North Pole to play their usual game, Marshmallow Picking! They’ll need to get the flour and the marshmallows in from the kitchen, and then they can begin!

Here’s Santa Fun Stories’ newest story to celebrate the new year...

​Marshmallow Picking

Every Saturday night in the North Pole, you would always hear lots of laughing.

Everyone would all gather around the warm log fire, with all their snuggly blankets, hot chocolate marshmallows and favourite cookies.

‘Can I go and bring all the marshmallows in from the kitchen?’ asked an excited Ollie. ‘It’s time for our game!’
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Ollie went into the kitchen and collected all the pink and white fluffy marshmallows.

‘Don’t forget to bring the pot of flour in,’ said Mama. ‘And also the special marshmallows, with your names written on in icing.’

Ollie brought them in, and tipped all the marshmallows into the big bowl, sprinkling a dust of flour over the top.

‘Can I go first?’ shouted Ollie. Ollie was jumping up and down.

‘Oh Ollie,’ said Mama laughing. ‘If we don’t let you go first, you are never going to sit still.’

‘Okay, hands behind your back Ollie,’ said Santa. ‘Ho Ho Ho and off you go.’
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Everyone started laughing as Ollie put his face down into the bowl. He rolled the marshmallows around with his nose, to find his special name.

‘Oh Ollie,’ said Emilie. ‘You look so funny,’ as Ollie’s face came up from the bowl.

Ollie’s face was covered in thick white flour, with his special Ollie marshmallow, stuck right on the end of his nose.

‘You should see your face,’ said Snowy, laughing. ‘You look just like me!’

‘Would you like to go next Snowy?’ said Mama. ‘We need to press your magic button to make sure you don’t melt.’

Snowy put his hands behind his back and put his head into the bowl.

‘I’ve found it, but I can’t see!’ said Snowy bringing his head up from the bowl.
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‘Oh Snowy,’ said Santa laughing. ‘You are the funniest snowman ever. I would tell you to look in the mirror, but you can’t see. The flour has covered both your eyes.’

Snowy’s face was completely covered in flour. His face looked like a little snowball, sitting on the top of his body.

‘Would you mind if I just watched?’ said Emilie. ‘I have just put glitter all over my cheeks, to sparkle for our special night.’

‘Oh Emilie,’ said Ollie. ‘You don’t need glitter on your cheeks to sparkle, you already are the sparkle in my heart. Love you Emilie,’ said Olie. ‘Friends forever.’

Everyone loved Saturday night’s in the North Pole, playing one of their favourite games, Marshmallow picking, with a little bit of added sparkle.
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