Santa's Got a Cold
by Janet Clements on January 8th, 2016


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Ollie and the gang are back with another story!

Santa’s come down with a little case of the sniffles, and it’s up to Mama Claus and Ollie the Elf to help him feel better, and get his rest. They’re doing all they can, getting his favourite foods, and keeping him comfy. Will Santa get better?

Here’s Santa Fun Stories’ newest story...

Santa's Got a Cold

‘Achoo!’ sneezed Santa, as he used one more tissue to wipe his nose.

‘I think you should be in bed Santa,’ said Mama Claus. ‘I’m sure the workshop will cope without you for one day.’

‘Rudolph, can you please bring the sleigh around?’ asked Mama Claus. ‘We must get Santa home to his nice warm bed.’
Mama Claus Image 01
‘Here you are,’ said Mama. ‘I’ve warmed your cosy blue and white striped pajamas up for you. Pop them on, and snuggle into bed. I will go and make some lovely warm hot chocolate.’

Santa snuggled into bed, sneezing everywhere. ‘I hope my cold goes soon, I have lots of toys to make,’ said Santa.

‘This hot chocolate should warm you up,’ said Mama. ‘I have also been to the bakery to fetch you your favourite Goopy Droopy Cookie.’

‘Oh Ollie,’ said Mama, as he ran past her, jumping straight onto Santa’s bed.

‘I’ve come to read you a story!’ said Ollie as he snuggled into Santa. ‘Where is your fluffy blue nightcap, with the white bobble on the end? You must wear it Santa, it will keep you warm.’
Ollie the Elf Image
‘Can I start my story now?’ asked Ollie.

‘Off you go,’ said Santa.

Once upon a time there was a very special man, his name was Santa Claus.

He was the kindest man in the whole wide world. He was at his happiest, when he was making children, from all over the world very happy.

One day Santa Claus caught a nasty cold which made him sneeze everywhere.

Mama Claus sent Santa off to bed with some nice warm hot chocolate, and his favourite Goopy Droopy Cookie, which made him feel much better.
Mama Claus Image 02
When Ollie the elf found out that Santa was poorly, he jumped onto Santa’s bed and read him the most magical story. It was about the most kindest man in the world, who made lots of children happy...

‘Wake up, wake up,’ said Santa.

Ollie had fallen fast to sleep before finishing the story.

Everyone knew in the North pole, that the cutest little elf Ollie, could never finish a story without falling asleep.

Santa did get the message though, that Santa was the kindest person in all the world.
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