The Magical Sweetie House
by Janet Clements on January 15th, 2016

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Ollie and Emilie have discovered a new place in the North Pole...

Ollie and Emilie have a very early wake up call, courtesy of their friend Rudolph, but he has a big surprise in store. They both race out of bed, leaving their pillows and blankets in a trail along the floor. When they reach the window and peer outside, their eyes grow big, and their little mouths drop open...

Here’s Santa Fun Stories’ newest story...

​The Magical Sweetie House

‘Knock, knock, knock,’ on the bedroom window, heard a sleepy Ollie and Emilie; waking up from their night's sleep.

Every morning at 7am, Rudolph would tap his antlers three times on the bedroom window, to wake them up.  

‘Wake up Ollie and Emilie,’ said an excited Rudolph through the window.
‘But Rudolph, it’s only 6am, you're too early! Come back in an hour,’ said Ollie, trying very hard to keep his eyes open.

'If you open your curtains, and look outside, there’s a magical surprise for you both!'  said Rudolph.

Ollie’s ears popped up and they both ran to the window and opened the curtains. Bedsheets and blankets were left in a trail behind them.

Right in front of them stood the biggest, colourful house.
‘Look Emilie,’ said an excited Ollie. ‘It’s all made of sweets, chocolate and Candy Canes!’

The house was the most amazing house they had ever seen, so bright and colourful with all the sweets, different colours of the rainbow.

Ollie and Emilie ran outside and looked up at the beautiful house.

‘Look Emilie, it’s all covered in yummy chocolate!’ said ollie, running his finger through the chocolate and taking a big lick.

The house was so colourful. The windows and front door were made of colourful candies, and the roof looked like clouds, made out of the fluffiest, softest, white marshmallows.

The house looked so yummy, that Ollie and Emilie couldn’t resist picking and eating all the sweets.
‘That’s strange,’ said Ollie. ‘Every time we eat a sweet, or take a lick of the chocolate, more reappear.’

‘This couldn’t be a Magical Sweetie House...’ said Emilie.

Although, the more sweets they ate, the more sweets would just keep reappearing. Ollie and Emilie realised that the house was very magical.

The Magical Sweetie House, was a beautiful gift from Santa, as Ollie and Emilie had  been working very hard in Santa’s workshop. Ollie and Emilie were so happy and grateful to Santa, for their beautiful house, that they gave him the biggest hug and kiss and said the biggest thank you ever.

Build a Snowman

Is it snowing where you live? It is here in the North Pole! In fact, it’s always snowing in the North Pole… Which makes it the perfect place to build a village of snowmen! Why don’t you pop down here and give Ollie a hand building a new snowman? He’d love some help with the big snowballs! Download Santa Fun & Games Workshop to give him a hand!

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