The Magical Cookie Jar
by Janet Clements on January 22nd, 2016

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Just One More Cookie…

Ollie just couldn’t resist having one more cookie, from The Magical Cookie Jar!

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This week, it’s all about The Magical Cookie Jar, and the goodies inside…

Rudolph is very excited, because tonight he gets to open The Magical Cookie Jar, and he can’t wait! He wants to be the first one there! Ollie is just as excited, and can barely wait to be second in line! It’s Snowy’s first cookie night, and he’s not sure why the cookie jar is so magical. Will he find out?

Here’s Santa Fun Stories’ newest story..

The Magical Cookie Jar

‘Is it time to open our Magical Cookie Jar?’ shouted an excited Rudolph as he came in from the cold.

Every night, everyone would gather in the cosy living room of Santa’s workshop. They would drink their lovely hot chocolate, and have fun collecting their cookies from the magical cookie jar.

‘Can I be first to pick my magical cookie out of the cookie jar?’ asked Rudolph. ‘I’m so excited!’
Rudolph the Reindeer Image
Every night, Rudolph would have to be the first in line, to take his cookie out of the magical jar. He would get so excited.

‘Here we are,’ said Mama Claus, as she brought their hot chocolate and melted marshmallows in from the kitchen.

‘Oh Mama,’ said Santa. ‘You always make everything so special for us. The hot chocolate and marshmallows are just perfect. Thank you Mama.’  

Everyone snuggled down with their hot chocolate and warm blankets in front of the lovely warm log fire.

‘Go on then Rudolph,’ said Santa laughing. ‘If we don’t let you have the first cookie out of the jar, you will never sit still.’

Rudolph rushed to the cookie jar, with his Rudolph plate, pulling out the first cookie.

‘Can I be next?’ asked Ollie, running over to the magical jar with his Ollie the Elf plate held out in front of him.
Ollie the Elf Image 01
‘Why do you have such big plates for such little cookies?’ asked Snowy the Snowman. This was Snowy’s first night collecting cookies out of the magical jar.

‘Just you watch Snowy,’ said Emilie. ‘The cookies are magical…’

When everyone had finished collecting their yummy cookies, they placed their special plates on the table and waited.

‘Here they go!’ shouted Rudolph, dancing around with excitement. ‘The magic’s beginning, this is so exciting!’

As they all watched, each cookie grew bigger and bigger.

‘Well that is magic,’ said Snowy scratching his head and watching in amazement. ‘The cookies have grown so big, you’ll never be able to eat them all.’

‘Oh no,’ said Santa. ‘The cookies aren’t for us Snowy, our tummies are full from our hot chocolate and marshmallows. Come with us and watch the magic happen.’

Everyone ran to put their warm coats on and headed for the door, holding their huge giant cookies.

‘Where are you taking them?’ asked Snowy, still scratching his head, and not understanding.

‘You will see,’ said Ollie. ‘Just get in line with us and hold your cookie high into the sky.’
Ollie the Elf Image 02
All of a sudden, the big wooden doors blew open, and a big gust of wind blew straight through the workshop, sprinkling a layer of magical stardust everywhere.

As Snowy looked up, he saw the most beautiful line, of white doves all covered in magical stardust. They collected each cookie with their beautiful pointed beaks.

Every night, five beautiful doves would appear in the stardust, and collect all the cookies, for their little families at home.

‘Home you go!’ shouted Ollie at the top of his voice. ‘Go home and feed your family and we’ll see you tomorrow!’

With a big gust of wind, and another sprinkling of magical stardust, they all watched, as the beautiful doves flapped their wings to say thank you, and goodbye.
The End Image
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