Emilie's Kindness
by Janet Clements on January 29th, 2016


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Who’s the kindest little person you know?

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We’re all about kindness this week, and who better to show it, than Emilie the Elf!

Emilie always wants to make everyone happy, and today is no different. She’s got a plan, and she needs Ollie’s help to pull it off. Ollie doesn’t seem all that interested though, so will they manage it?

Find out in Santa Fun Stories’ newest story...

​Emilie’s Kindness

Everyone always knew up in the North Pole, just how kind Emilie was. She was the sweetest little elf to everyone, always making sure everyone was happy.

‘Is everyone happy this morning?’ asked Emilie as she skipped into Santa’s workshop. ‘I hope everyone’s smiling, because it’s a beautiful day.’

Everyday was a beautiful day to Emilie. Her little body was always filled with so much love and happiness.

‘Oh Emilie,’ said Santa. ‘You are the sweetest little pink elf, always thinking of others before yourself.’
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‘Aww Santa...’ giggled Emilie. ‘You are always saying the kindest things to me, but you and Mama were the ones who taught me how to be so kind.’

‘Here you are,’ said Emilie, giving everyone their favourite Candies and Cookies.

On her way to the workshop that morning, Emilie had dropped by Mama Claus bakery to collect everyone’s favourite candies and cookies to make them all happy.

‘Oh thank you Emilie,’ said everyone as they munched away on their candies and cookies. ‘You are always so kind.’

‘Can I do my little show for you now?’ asked Emilie.

‘If you must,’ said Ollie, rolling his eyes. ‘We do see it every morning.’

Every morning, Emilie would put a little show on for everyone. The only thing was, it was the same show every single morning, but Emilie always thought it made everyone happy.

‘Are you ready Ollie?’ said Emilie.
Emilie the Elf Image
‘Oh if we must, anything to make you happy Emilie,’ said Ollie with a big sigh.

‘This is girls stuff,’ Ollie mumbled to himself, putting Emilie's pink hat and pink elf dress on.

‘Let the show begin, music please!’ shouted Emilie from behind the big screen.

‘Good Morning my beautiful people,’ as Emilie came out introducing herself as Ollie. She was dressed in Ollie’s clothes and made out she was Ollie the elf.

‘I am Ollie the Elf,’ said Emilie. ‘I am here to introduce a little princess called Emilie, who is the kindest princess in all the land.’

From behind the screen Ollie came out dancing to music and wearing Emilie's pink outfit, he looked a magical pink princess.

‘Yuck,’ said Ollie under his breath. ‘I have to do this every morning.’

Everyone laughed as Ollie danced around as a pink princess.

As the show came to an end, Emilie and Ollie changed back into their own clothes. Emilie would always thank Ollie, and was always so grateful to him.

‘Oh Ollie,’ said Emilie. ‘You are always so funny when you dress up in my pinky clothes, you look like a true Princess.’

‘Anything for you Emilie,’ said Ollie. ‘You are the kindest little elf I have ever known.’
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Ollie never let on to Emilie that he never liked dressing up as a princess. Ollie loved Emilie so much that he would always do anything to make her happy.

Santa and Mama had always taught Ollie and Emilie that, when someone is kind, you should always be kind back.
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