Ollie and Emilie's Special Valentine Surprise
by Janet Clements on February 5th, 2016

Ollie and Emilie

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Who do you know, that has the biggest heart?

Do they have a heart that’s love of as much love, as Emilie the Elf’s heart is? Then this is perfect for them!

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Valentine's day is getting nearer, and we’re starting to feel it in the North Pole…

Ollie is very excited about Valentine’s Day, and he can’t wait to wake Emilie up from her magical dreams, to tell her! Mama Claus has made Emilie a special outfit for the occasion, and she has it all laid out, ready to wear. Ollie and Emilie are so excited, they run over to the workshop, to show it off!

Find out in Santa Fun Stories’ newest story...

​Ollie and Emilie’s Special Valentine Surprise

‘Wake up, Emilie, wake up!’ shouted an excited Ollie as he ran into Emilie’s bedroom.

‘What is it Ollie?’ asked Emilie, rubbing her eyes, waking up from her magical dream.

‘It’s Valentine’s Day Emilie!’ said Ollie. ‘It’s the sweetest day of the year.’

‘Oh Ollie,’ said Emilie. ‘You are the cutest little Elf ever.’

Emilie rushed out of bed, and got ready in no time. She had placed all her special, red clothes on the bottom of her bed, the night before.

‘Oh Emilie, you look beautiful,’ said Ollie. ‘I just love your new outfit, all red, sparkly and covered in hearts.’
Ollie the Elf Image 01
Mama Claus had been very busy, and had made Emilie a very special outfit for Valentine’s Day. The front of her jumper was covered in the shiniest, big, red sequined hearts, and her leggings were filled with red hearts.

‘Come on Emilie,’ said Ollie. ‘If you're ready, have made your bed and tidied up, we can run over to the workshop, and show everyone you’re new outfit!’

‘Yes I’m ready,’ said Emilie, ‘but before we go Ollie, I’d like you to put this on.’

As Ollie turned around, Emilie was holding up exactly the same outfit, as Emilie was wearing.
Mama Claus had made Ollie the same outfit, that she had made for Emilie.

‘But, but, but...’ said Ollie as he was trying to imagine himself in a sparkly red heart jumper and leggings. ‘Isn’t that a bit sparkly for me to wear? I will be shining everywhere.’

‘Well, Mama Claus has made it especially for you Ollie, for our special day together,’ said Emilie.

Ollie saw the excitement on Emilie’s face, so he got dressed into his red, sparkly clothes.

‘Oh Ollie, you look umm... what’s the word? Very sparkly!’ said Emilie.

Ollie looked just perfect dressed in all his red glittery clothes. They matched his glowing red cheeks, where he was blushing so much.

Ollie and Emilie ran straight over to the workshop, to show off their new matching clothes.

‘Oh, you both look so red and sparkly in your matching clothes,’ said Mama Claus, as she opened the large wooden doors to them.
Ollie the Elf Image 02
As they walked in, the whole workshop had been decorated in the prettiest, red hearts everywhere.

‘Oh everyone, you all look so full of love dressed in all your hearts,’ said Emilie.

Everyone had dressed up in red glittery hearts, and there were little red hearts hanging from everywhere.
Rudolph had placed two little red hearts at the top of his antlers. Snowy had his red heart hat and scarf on, and had covered his Magical buttons in red hearts. Santa and Mama Claus both looked very red, in their matching jumpers and leggings, all covered with beautiful hearts and love.

‘Shall we all have breakfast?’ asked Mama Claus. ‘I have made some very special cupcakes and cookies for us all.’

Mama Claus had been busy in her bakery, making a very special Valentine’s breakfast for everyone. She had made some beautiful cookies and cupcakes all edged in red icing, and hearts made out of delicious white chocolate. Breakfast was just perfect for everyone.

‘I am so excited!’ said Ollie. ‘We get to stamp all our magical toys we make today with red hearts, I love today and sharing all our love around.’
Ollie the Elf Image 03
Every toy that was made on Valentine’s day in the workshop, would be stamped with a very special red heart stamp.

‘What is that noise I can hear?’ asked Rudolph, sticking his heart antlers up high to hear more. ‘I can hear lots of noise outside, and lots of banging. Can you hear that everyone?’

Everyone ran over to the big wooden doors. As the big doors opened, they were all surprised to see the whole of the midnight sky light up with the most spectacular display of fireworks.

‘Oh this is amazing,’ said Emilie. ‘Just look at all the beautiful fireworks and all the beautiful colours. What a beautiful surprise, this is the best night ever.’

As they all stood and watched the fireworks, Emilie and Ollie held hands, as they watched both their names light up the sky, in the middle of the most sparkly red heart.

‘Oh Ollie,’ said Emilie. ‘What a beautiful ending to such a magical day. Thank you for being my best friend ever.’

‘Friends Forever,’ said Ollie.
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