Santa's Valentine Gift to Mama
by Janet Clements on February 12th, 2016


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Valentine’s Day is nearly here! I wonder how many secret admirers you have out there?

Santa is pulling out all the stops this Valentine’s Day, and he’s determined to make the day very special for Mama Claus. He’s gone to great lengths, and he’s got everyone at the North Pole to help him pull it off! Let’s just hope Mama likes Santa’s gift...

Feel the love in Santa Fun Stories’ newest story...

Santa’s Valentine Gift to Mama

Valentine’s day was a very special day for everyone, up in the North Pole.

The special day was full of love and excitement, and everyone was dressed up in their bright red colours, full of beautiful red hearts, sparkles and sequins.

Mama Claus had been very busy in her bakery as usual. She’d been baking cupcakes and cookies for everyone’s special breakfast.

‘You are a true star Mama,’ said Ollie. ‘What would we do without you.’ he said while giving her a big hug and kiss on her cheek.

‘Oh Ollie,’ said Mama. ‘You are the sweetest elf and always so loving.’
Mama Claus Image 01
Ollie loved his kisses and cuddles, and would always tell everyone each day how much he loved them.

‘What a beautiful day this is,’ said Emilie, as she danced and skipped around the workshop, making sure everyone was happy.

The workshop was full of love, and everyone was so happy.

‘There you are Santa,’ said Rudolph. ‘Where have you been hiding, we were beginning to miss you!’

‘Shhh,’ said Santa, putting his finger up to his lips. ‘We must be very quiet, so Mama Claus doesn’t hear us.’

Rudolph peeped behind him with his big heart antlers, to see if Mama Claus was listening.

‘I think it’s all clear, Mama is nowhere to be seen. So what’s the big secret?’ asked Rudolph.
Rudolph the Reindeer Image
Santa Claus had been arranging something very special for Mama Claus, as she was always so kind to everyone, and always making sure everything was just perfect.

‘Rudolph,’ said Santa. ‘Can I leave you in charge, to make sure Mama Claus doesn't come anywhere near the bakery today.’

‘You can always trust me,’ said Rudolph, as he made his way over to the workshop door, to keep an eye out for Mama Claus.

Santa left the workshop, very excited.

As he reached the Bakery, Snowy the Snowman was waiting outside for him, with the special sleigh.

‘There you are Snowy,’ said Santa. ‘Are you as excited as me? I can’t wait for Mama to see her magic surprise. Do you think we have everything on the sleigh? I hope we haven't forgotten anything.’

‘Of course we haven’t Santa,’ said Snowy. ‘These two large red heart sacks are full. This is a very special day for Mama Claus! Let’s take everything inside.’

Snowy rubbed his magical red heart button, as he entered the workshop with Santa, so he wouldn't melt.

‘This is so exciting,’ said Santa, pulling everything out of the two large red heart sacks. They were full of fairy lights, candles and red hearts.

Santa and Snowy started to decorate the Bakery. It began to look very cosy and pretty, with candles and fairy lights twinkling everywhere.

‘Mama Claus is going to love this table and chairs,’ said Snowy.
Snowy the Snowman Image
Santa had made a very special table and chairs especially for Mama. It was made out of wood and shaped into the most beautiful heart.

‘Santa, can we start making our chocolate hearts yet?’ asked Snowy. ‘I love melting all the delicious chocolate, pouring it into the heart moulds and covering them all in sprinkles.’

Snowy started to make all the delicious milk and white chocolate hearts, and placed them all around the Bakery.

‘They look just perfect,’ said Santa, looking around at all the chocolate hearts. ‘You have done a really good job Snowy.’

The bakery looked so lovely filled with red hearts, and beautiful red roses and petals everywhere.

‘Is must be time,’ said Snowy. ‘Rudolph has arrived to take the magical sleigh over to pick Mama up.’

As Mama opened the workshop door, she looked up to see Santa standing in the most beautiful fairy lit sleigh, all covered in red roses.

‘Your carriage awaits you my Princess,’ said Santa, holding out the most beautiful bouquet of red roses for Mama.

As the sleigh glided through the snow, a beautiful path lit up with fairy lights, and everywhere was covered in beautiful red rose petals.

‘Oh Santa, this is beautiful,’ said Mama, as they reached the Baker
Mama Claus Image 02
‘My Princess,’ said Santa, as he held his hand out to help mama out of the sleigh.

As Mama entered the Bakery, the waiter came over, and pulled Mama’s heart chair out for her to sit down.

‘Oh thank you,’ said Mama. ‘What a beautiful table and chairs! All carved out of wood, and made into a beautiful heart.’

‘What can I get you to drink Madam,’ said the waiter, holding his arm up, with his little towel hanging over his arm, along with his notepad.

‘Oh Snowy,’ said Mama. ‘You look so smart, dressed up in your waiter's suit.’

‘Would you like to try one of the chef’s special heart chocolates, madam?’ said Snowy the waiter, holding a tray of delicious chocolate hearts out to Mama.

‘Oh thank you,’ said Mama taking a chocolate heart of the plate. ‘Oh this one has a bit missing...’ said Mama, but as she looked at all the hearts, they were all the same.

‘Oops,’ said Snowy, as Santa and Mama Claus looked up at Snowy.

‘Well it goes like this,’ said Snowy. ‘I had to make sure all the hearts tasted just perfect, so I had to take a little bite out of each one.’

Santa and Mama Claus laughed, and said, ‘They are perfect Snowy, just perfect.’

As Ollie and Emilie peeped through the fairy lit window, they watched Santa and Mama having the most magical time.

‘Oh Ollie,’ said Emilie. ‘I hope we will always be as happy as Santa and Mama, look how happy they are together.’

‘Of course we will be Emilie,’ said Ollie holding her hand . ‘We will always be friends forever, just like Santa and Mama.
The End Image
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