Ollie and Emilie's Matching Bracelets
by Janet Clements on February 19th, 2016

Ollie and Emilie

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Ollie and Emilie the Elf are the bestest of friends, up in the North Pole. They do everything together, and spend all of their time together. They made these cool tops to celebrate their friendship!

Do you have a best friend? Someone that just gets you completely?Grab these tops for you both, and show off your friendship to the world!
Best Friends Top
Ollie and Emilie are best friends. They do absolutely everything together!

Emilie the Elf has a special surprise for Ollie and she really can’t wait to give it to him! She’s worked very hard on it, and it means a lot to her. What do you think Ollie’s special present is?

Find out in Santa Fun Stories’ newest story...

​Ollie and Emilie’s Matching Bracelets

Ollie and Emilie were the best of friends. They played together, lived together, worked together, they just loved being together.

‘Oh Ollie’ said Emilie. ‘You are my best friend in the whole world, I really love you Ollie.’

‘Emilie’ said Ollie. ‘You are the sweetest friend anyone could ever have, I really love you too.’

Up in the North Pole, everyone knew that Emilie and Ollie were the best of friends.
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‘When we finish work tonight Ollie, can we go straight home?’ said Emilie. ‘I have something very special to show you.’

‘Oh what is it?’ asked an excited Ollie. ‘What are you going to show me?’

‘You will have to wait,’ said Emilie. ‘It is something very special.’

Ollie couldn’t wait for the end of the day to come. He had been so excited the whole day.

‘Let’s go now,’ said Ollie, as they both finished their busy day.

As they ran home, holding hands, Ollie couldn’t run quick enough, excited at what Emilie was going to show him.

‘Just wait a minute Ollie,’ said Emilie. ‘While I run upstairs to get your surprise.’
Emilie the Elf Image 01
‘Okay are you ready Ollie?’ said Emilie coming down from the stairs.

Emilie gave Ollie a white square box. ‘Friends forever Ollie, I love you,’ said Emilie.

As Ollie took the lid of the box, the most sparkly bracelet was staring right at him.

‘Oh Emilie this is beautiful,’ said Ollie taking it out of the box.

‘I made it just for you Ollie,’ said Emilie. ‘Look at my wrist I have one exactly the same as you.’

‘That is the sweetest bracelet I have ever seen,’ said Ollie. ‘Did you make it especially for me?’

Emilie had made Ollie's bracelet all by herself, which made it extra special to Ollie.

‘To have matching bracelets, is so special,’ said Ollie, with the biggest grin on his face. ‘Thank you so much Emilie,’ said Ollie. ‘You have made me feel so special.’

‘That’s okay,’ said Emilie. ‘These aren’t just normal bracelets Ollie, these are very special magical bracelets.’

‘How can they be magical? said Ollie. ‘Have you sprinkled them in magical fairydust?’
Ollie the Elf Image 02
‘Yes I have,’ said Emilie smiling. ‘I have also blessed them with a special wish. My wish is, that when we are not together, we can just hold our magical bracelets and we will feel each other together, it’s magic.’

‘Emilie, that is so sweet of you,’ said a happy Ollie. ‘So if I am ever missing you, all I have to do is to hold or wear my magic bracelet. and I will feel you right by my side.’

‘Yes Ollie,’ said Emilie. ‘Friends Forever.’
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