Snowy's Magical Button
by Janet Clements on February 26th, 2016


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It’s starting to get a little warmer, but we can’t have that, otherwise Snowy might melt!

We need someone to help Snowy out and push his Magical Button. We need to cool this place down and make it snow! Grab this top and Let It Snow!
Let It Snow Tops
It’s sleepover time for Snowy, Ollie and Emilie this week!

They’ve all got their sleeping bags and blankets ready, for the best sleepover in the world! The only problem is, the room starts to get a little toasty for Snowy the Snowman. What are Ollie and Emilie going to do?

Find out in Santa Fun Stories’ newest story...

Snowy's Magical Button

Snowy spent most of his time, playing and rolling around in the snow.

He loved being out in the cold, and would always be wrapped in his lovely warm scarf.

‘Snowy, would you like to come over tonight, for a sleepover?’ asked Ollie. ‘It’s always so much fun when you come over!’

‘Oh Ollie,’ said Snowy. ‘You always make me feel so special. Okay, I’ll see you later.’
Snowy the Snowman Image 01
As Snowy reached Ollie’s house, his little twig arms just managed to make a noise as he knocked at the door.

‘Snowy’s here Emilie!’ shouted an excited Ollie. ‘Snowy’s arrived.’

Ollie’s bedroom was always a mess, but he would tidy it up when his special friend Snowy was sleeping over.

‘I see you have your fleecy pyjamas, slippers and snuggly blankets on,’ said Snowy.

‘Of course we have,’ said Emilie. ‘We know It’s going to get very cold in here.’

‘Shall we eat all our sweets and cookies up first?’ asked Snowy. ‘Then you can press my magic button.’

‘Good idea!’ said Ollie.
Ollie the Elf Image
They all snuggled down to eat their special treats from Mama’s bakery. Mama Claus would always make them special treats when it was sleepover.

‘It’s getting a bit hot in here,’ said Snowy, ‘I think I’m beginning to melt. Can we press the magic button now?’

‘Oh can I press it?’ asked Emilie. ‘I just love pressing the magic button!’

‘Are you ready?’ laughed Snowy, sticking his tummy out.

As Emilie pressed the magic button, Ollie’s bedroom turned into the most magical, snow frosted, frozen room.

Everything twinkled white, with white frozen snow. It was the most magical night of all.

‘Good night Emilie and Ollie,’ said Snowy. ‘Friends forever.’
Snowy the Snowman Image 02
As snowy turned around, to give Emilie a kiss goodnight, she would always have the cutest icicle hanging from her nose.

‘Good night everyone,’ said Emilie and Ollie. ‘Friends forever.’
The End Image
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