Easter Chocolate Stars
by Janet Clements on March 4th, 2016

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Easter is coming! It’s always a very magical time for Ollie and Emilie up in the North Pole!

With their Yellow Easter sacks at the ready, blankets to keep warm and a big basket full of hot chocolate, marshmallows and cookies. Find out what happens when Ollie, Emilie and Rudolph take their trip through the stars.

In Santa Fun Stories’ newest story...

Easter Chocolate Stars

Ollie and Emilie were getting very excited, as Easter Time was approaching very fast up in the North Pole.

‘How many chocolate Easter Stars do you think we are going to collect this year Emilie? said Ollie. ‘I’m so excited!’
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Easter time was a very magical time up in the North Pole for Ollie and Emilie. They would always collect so many chocolate Easter stars.

‘Rudolph, have you got all the Yellow Easter sacks ready on the sleigh?’ asked Ollie. ‘It’s nearly time for us all to get going.’

‘Everything is ready,’ said Rudolph. ‘I have all the sacks ready, and I have put our lovely Easter blankets in the sleigh, for us all to keep warm.’

Mama, Santa and Snowy the Snowman stood outside to wave Rudolph, Ollie and Emilie off, on their magical journey.

‘Here you are,’ said Mama Claus, holding out a big basket full of hot chocolate, marshmallows and cookies for them to eat and keep warm.

‘You are the best, Mama!’ said Ollie to Mama Claus, giving her a big kiss on her cheek. ‘You are always so kind to us all. We all love you so much.’
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As Rudolph stomped his magical hoof three times, the sleigh took off, with Ollie and Emilie holding hands, snuggled under the lovely warm Easter blankets.

‘Good bye!’ shouted Santa, Mama and Snowy. ‘We will see you later. Don’t forget to bring lots of chocolate Easter Stars home!’

‘This is so exciting,’ said Ollie as they looked back, and watched everyone get smaller and smaller.

‘Oh Ollie,’ said Emilie. ‘This is so magical. Look at all the stars in the sky, and look how they twinkle.’

‘There it is Emilie! There it is, we are nearly there!’ said Ollie.
Ollie was pointing at the most beautiful white snowy mountain, which twinkled with fairy lights, and was the most magical place they had ever seen.

‘We have arrived!’ said an excited Rudolph, as he climbed in the back with Ollie and Emilie.
‘This is very snuggly and warm,’ said Rudolph as he snuggled under the lovely warm blankets.
As they all sat drinking their hot chocolate and marshmallows, and eating their delicious cookies, they all stared up to the beautiful stars.

‘This is such a perfect night,’ said Emilie. ‘I am with my best friends, and everything is so magical.’

Shall we make our wish now?’ asked Ollie very excitedly. ‘Remember when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true!’

As they all held hands, and closed their eyes, they all made their special magical wish together.

Their special wish, was for all the beautiful twinkling stars, to turn to chocolate stars, to feed all the animals, all over the North Pole.

As they made their wish, the whole of the twinkling, diamond sky turned into the most delicious chocolate stars, which fell out of the sky.

‘Quick! Quick, open the sacks,’ said Ollie. ‘Here they all come!’

Rudolph, Ollie and Emilie watched, as their sacks were filled with the most beautiful Easter chocolate stars.

‘Yum, yum,’ said Ollie. ‘These are delicious,’ as he munched away on his first Easter chocolate star.

‘You are so funny Ollie,’ said Emilie. ‘You have chocolate all around your mouth, you are so messy.’
Emilie The Elf Image 1
Their yellow sacks were overflowing with the most delicious chocolate stars, ready to take home to feed all the animals, and decorate their beautiful Easter Tree.
The End
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