Decorating The Magical Easter Tree
by Janet Clements on March 11th, 2016

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Easter is one of Ollie’s and Emilie’s favourite times of the year. With baby chicks all over the place and chocolate eggs everywhere.

Find out what happened to all of the chocolate stars in Santa Fun Stories’ newest story...

Decorating The Magical Easter Tree

Easter was such a fun time up in the North Pole. It was always such a magical time of year.

The workshop would always be full of fluffy baby chicks, decorated Easter Tree’s, Chocolate Eggs and Stars everywhere.

‘Oh Ollie, I just love Easter time,’ said Emilie. ‘Everything is so cute, especially with the fluffy yellow chicks running around everywhere.’
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‘It must be nearly time,’ said Ollie. ‘Shall we start gathering everyone together, so we can start decorating the Easter Tree?’

‘We could start by bringing all the yellow sacks over, that are full of our Easter chocolate stars,’ said Emilie. ‘I can’t wait to hang them on the Easter Tree, there are so many of them! The last time I counted the sacks, there were twelve of them.’

Ollie, Emilie and Rudolph collected all the sacks and gathered them around the beautiful Easter Tree.

Every year at Easter, the workshop would have the biggest Easter Tree you could ever see.

It stood high in the middle of the workshop, and was so pretty, twinkling with fairy lights and lots of hanging Chocolate Eggs and Stars.

‘Ollie, that is strange...’ said Emilie recounting the yellow chocolate sacks. ‘There were twelve sacks the other day when I counted, and now there are only eleven. Where could the other sack be?’

‘I can see it!’ shouted Rudolph. ‘There it is!’ he said, pointing towards the corner.
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As Rudolph pulled the sack out of the corner, the sack was completely empty, apart from one little star, that had fallen out and been nibbled.

‘But where have all the chocolate stars gone?’ said Emilie.  

‘Do you know anything about this Ollie? asked Emilie. All of a sudden, Ollie was nowhere to be seen.

Ollie had run off to hide behind the curtains.

‘Oh Ollie,’ said Emilie. ‘You are not hiding very well. I can see your little feet, poking out from the bottom of the curtains.’

Ollie popped his little red embarrassed face out between the curtains.

‘Did you want me for anything?’ asked Ollie.

‘Yes,’ said Emilie. ‘I don’t suppose you know where all the chocolate stars have disappeared to, do you Ollie?’

‘Well...’ said Ollie. ‘It’s funny you should ask that Emilie,’ with a cheeky look on Ollie’s  face.

‘The other night, I thought it would be fun, to count how many stars we had for our Easter tree. The only thing was, I got a little hungry, and I before I knew it, I had eaten all the stars up.’

‘Oh Ollie,’ said Emilie. ‘You are the funniest little Elf, at least you had fun and enjoyed them.’
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Everyone gathered around, to start decorating the beautiful tree.

‘Can I be the first one, to put the star on the tree?’ asked Ollie. ‘I am so excited’.

Santa Claus had already entwined all the beautiful fairy lights around the branches, and the lights shone and twinkled throughout the workshop.

‘Go on then Ollie,’ said Mama.’You can hang the first star, after all you are very excited.’

There was so much excitement in the workshop, as everybody hung star after star on the beautiful branches.

‘Rudolph,’ said Snowy. ‘You will have to do you usual magic trick, and fly to the top of the tree, to hang all the chocolate stars for us.’

Rudolph picked up the yellow sacks in his mouth, and flew around the Easter tree, hanging the chocolate stars on the highest branches.

‘Are you ready?’ shouted Rudolph from the top of the tree.

‘Oh Rudolph, we are all ready and waiting down here!’ everyone shouted.

On top of the tallest branch, Rudolph placed the most brightest chocolate star.

‘Can we make our wish now?’ asked Ollie.

Everyone held hands, and they all made their special wish, upon the chocolate star.

‘Oh this is just perfect,’ said Emilie. ‘Always remember that when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true.’
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