The Magical Chocolate Easter Egg
by Janet Clements on March 18th, 2016

The Magical Chocolate Easter Egg Image

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The gang are off to Easter Island. That means lots of chocolate! What will Ollie and Emilie find in the magical Easter Egg this year?

Find out what happens in the newest edition of Santa Fun Stories’ ...

​The Magical Chocolate Easter Egg

Ollie and Emilie were very busy, getting everything ready for Easter.

It was such an exciting time of year, for Ollie and Emilie, as they both got to eat lots of Easter treats.

‘What do you think, will be in the magical Easter egg this year?’ asked Ollie.

‘Oh Ollie,’ said Emilie. ‘We will have to wait and see.’

‘We only have one more sleep. I am so excited!’ said Ollie.

‘If we get to sleep quickly,’ said Emilie. ‘The morning will come much quicker.’
Emilie The Elf Image
Every year on Easter Sunday, there would be a very special treat for everyone up in the North Pole.

Santa, Mama and everyone, would always get so excited, packing their overnight bag. They were off to visit the most magical island in all of the North Pole. It was their special Island called Easter Island.

‘Wake up, wake up!’ heard Santa very early the next morning.

Ollie was up extra early. He was washed and dressed, and was gathering everyone together.

‘Are we all ready?’ asked Ollie, as everyone gathered outside in the snow. ‘Our magical Easter Egg ship should be arriving any minute!’ said Ollie.

‘Here it comes, here it comes!’ shouted an excited Snowy, pointing up towards the sky.

As they all turned around, they watched, as the most yummy chocolate Easter Egg ship landed, to pick them all up.

‘Can I be first on the Egg ship?’ asked an excited Ollie.

‘Well, I think it should be ladies first,’ said Santa, helping Mama and Emilie up onto the first chocolate step.

‘Oh, of course,’ said Ollie. ‘Where are my manners... but can I go second?’

‘Oh Ollie, you are so funny,’ said Emilie.

Once everyone had boarded the Egg ship, they all sat down in their half chocolate egg, tub seats.

‘Chocolate seat belts on!’ shouted the chocolate pilot from the front of the Egg ship. ‘We are about to take off.’

Within a second, the chocolate Easter Egg ship was flying amongst the beautiful chocolate stars, heading straight towards Easter Island.

‘What is this under my chocolate seat?’ asked Snowy. ‘Wow! This is the biggest Easter Egg I have ever seen!’

Under each of their chocolate seats, there was a beautiful chocolate Easter Egg for each of them to eat.

As they flew through the delicious chocolate stars, Easter island was getting very near.
Santa Claus Image
‘Make sure you all have your chocolate seat belts on!’  shouted the chocolate pilot. ‘ We are about to land.’

As the Egg ship landed safely, the big chocolate doors began to open.

‘Welcome to our Island,’ said a little tiny voice from outside the Egg ship.

‘Oh Bunny, good to see you!’ said Ollie, as he ran down the chocolate step, to give him the biggest cuddle ever.

Chocolate Bunny was a very special friend to Ollie. They would always have so much fun together.

‘I can’t believe we’re here once again...’ said Rudolph. ‘This Island is so delicious, I can’t believe everything is made out of the most yummy chocolate. I want to eat everything.’

‘Well just remember one thing this year Rudolph,’ said Santa.

‘Everything including your bed is made out of chocolate, so remember not to lay there, and eat your bed up again like this year.  I don’t think I could put up with your snoring and big Antlers again like last year…’

‘Oh Rudolph, do you remember that night,’ said Emilie. ‘You ate all your bed up, and ended up sleeping with Santa, it was so funny!’

‘Would you all like some lunch?’ asked Chocolate Bunny. Everyone gathered around in the chocolate kitchen.

‘We have a special menu today, just for you. We have a choice of:’

• Chocolate soup, with homemade chocolate bread.
• Chocolate sausages, with a side order of chocolate chips.
• Chocolate chicken nuggets, with chocolate carrots and peas.
• Chocolate homemade cake, with chocolate cream.
• Chocolate ice cream, with chocolate sprinkles.

‘You can finish of with a lovely hot chocolate drink, or a chocolate lemonade.’

‘This is just perfect said everyone,’ and they all settled down eating their lovely chocolate lunch.

‘Oh Ollie,’ said Emilie, ‘you are the funniest little Elf. Have you seen your lips? You have more chocolate around your mouth, than you have in your tummy.’

‘I am going to be first up tomorrow,’ said Ollie. ‘I want to play all our favourite chocolate games.’

After a beautiful nights sleep, Ollie was the first one up in the kitchen, eating his chocolate toast, and chocolate porridge.

‘Good Morning Ollie,’ said Emilie as she entered the kitchen through the chocolate doors.

‘You look so cute Ollie,’ said Emilie. ‘I love you in your chocolate dressing gown, and chocolate slippers.’
Ollie The Elf Image
Everyone began to join them one by one, and very soon they were all up and dressed, ready for their lovely chocolate day.

‘Can we play our favourite game first, after our breakfast?’ asked Mama.

‘I’ll get the bowl now, and fill it with the melted chocolate,’ said Ollie, running with excitement towards the cupboard.

Ollie got the bowl out of the cupboard, and filled it with the most delicious melted chocolate, and placed a small Easter Egg in the middle.

‘Okay Mama, you go first,’ said Ollie. ‘This is your favourite game, and afterall you are a lady.’

‘Hands behind your back and off you go Mama,’ said Santa.

Mama placed her face into the bowl, trying to pick up the little Easter Egg between her teeth.
As Mama raised her head out of the bowl, everyone laughed as Mama’s glasses were covered in chocolate, but they all cheerd as Mama had managed to bite the Easter Egg and bring it out of the bowl.

‘After we finish this game,’ said Emilie. Can we get our swimsuits on, and go swimming in the chocolate pool?’

‘Oh Emilie, how exciting, but we mustn't forget to draw our entwined hearts on the chocolate floor first, and stand in the middle of our special saying Chocolate Friends Forever’.
‘Oh Ollie,’ said Emilie. ‘What a perfect day.’

‘Yes Emilie,’ said Ollie. ‘Just perfect, as I am with you.’

Chocolate Friends Forever.
The End
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