The Baby Easter Chicks
by Janet Clements on March 25th, 2016


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​The Baby Easter Chicks have arrived! This means Ollie & Emilie get to play their favourite game in the world. Join Ollie, Emilie, Rudolph, the Baby Easter Chicks & the rest of the gang to find out what happens in the newest edition of Santa Fun Stories’ ...

​The Baby Easter Chicks

Eastertime in the workshop was always so much fun for everyone.

The workshop would always be full of fluffy baby chicks, decorated Easter Tree’s, and Chocolate Eggs and Stars everywhere.

‘Is it time for them to arrive,’ said Emilie. ‘I am so excited they are coming up to see us again, and spend Easter with us all.’

Every year at Easter time, Ollie and Emilie would always have their special friends arrive, to spend the Easter holidays with them.
Ollie Image 1
‘I can’t see them yet,’ said Ollie, as they all peered out of the workshop window waiting for them.

‘I’m sure they will be here very soon,’ said Mama, as she laid all the little chocolate cookies and milk out for the little guests.

‘Here they come, here they come! I can see them!’ shouted an excited Ollie.

As they all watched, the fluffiest little yellow sleigh, glided through the beautiful midnight sky.

‘They are here Mama, they are here!’ shouted Ollie, as he ran to open the big wooden doors to watch them arrive.

Everyone ran to the door to join Ollie, and to greet their special little guests.

As they all watched and waited, the little yellow fluffy door swung open.

‘There’s one, there’s two,’ said a tiny little voice, as he threw the first two little yellow suitcases, out of the sleigh into the snow.

‘Oh Santa,’ said Snowy. ‘Look at their tiny little suitcases, they are so small. How do they get everything inside them?’
‘Lovely to have you hear Chicky,’ said Santa, as Chicky the Chic led six of the cutest little yellow chicks out from the sleigh.

‘I couldn’t wait for you to arrive,’ said an excited Ollie, picking all the baby chicks up to cuddle them.

The baby chicks loved Ollie so much, and would always give him lots of tiny kisses with their little beaks.

‘Let’s go indoors, and sit by the lovely open fire,’ said Mama. ‘I’m sure you must be very cold and hungry.’

Mama snuggled everyone down, especially the little chicks, who had their own little cosy basket in front of the fire.

‘Oh these are delicious,’ said the little chicks, as Mama shared her homemade chocolate cookies out between them all.

‘They are the very best,’ said Ollie. ‘Mama always makes the very best cookies,’  he said, as he tried to hide all his messy crumbs, under his slippers.

‘Can we play our favourite game, as soon as we have finished our cookies and milk?’ asked Emilie.

‘Oh yes please,’ said Ollie. ‘This is going to be so much fun!’

Everyone gave Mama a big kiss and cuddle, and thanked her for making everything so special, for them all.

‘Can we go now Mama?’ asked Rudolph. ‘First we will help you tidy up’.

‘Oh, thank you Rudolph, but you go along and enjoy yourselves,’ said Mama. ‘Just make sure you have lots of fun.’

‘Yipee!’ said Ollie. ‘Can we play our favourite game first?’

‘If we must,’ said Rudolph as he laid down on the floor.

The six little chicks lined up, and one by one they climbed up onto Rudolph's back. Each little chick was carrying their own little sack, full of baby Easter eggs.
‘Are you ready?’ asked Rudolph, as he stomped his magical hoof three times. ‘Here we go! Hold on!’ shouted Rudolph.

As Rudolph flew high above the workshop floor , the little chicks held on tightly.

‘Yipee! We’re flying!’ giggled the the little chicks excitedly.
‘Are you ready Ollie and Emilie?’ shouted Rudolph, who were waiting patiently down on the workshop floor.

‘We are ready!’ shouted Ollie. ‘This is my favourite game, ever!’
Ollie Image 2
On the floor Ollie and Emily had lined up their baskets. They each had two baskets each. Ollie’s was tied in big yellow bows, and Emilie’s was tied in her favourite pink bows.

The exciting game, was to see how many Easter Eggs they could collect in each basket.

‘Make sure you get the most eggs in my basket!’ shouted Ollie.

‘Oh Ollie,’ said Emilie. ‘You know I am going to win, I win everytime.’

The game started, and the little chicks started to throw their eggs into Ollies and Emilies baskets, while Rudolph flew around.

‘Slow down Rudolph,’ shouted the little chicks. ‘You are flying too fast, we need to aim our eggs into the baskets.’

Rudolph thought it would be more fun, if he flew fast, so it would be harder to get the eggs into the baskets, but poor Ollie was getting buried in Easter eggs.

‘I’ve lost Ollie,’ shouted Emilie. ‘Has anyone seen Ollie?’

‘There he is,’ squeaked the little chicks.

‘But where? I can’t see him,’ said Emilie.

‘There he is,’ said the little chicks, pointing towards the floor.

‘Oh Ollie there you are!’ said Emilie, as she looked down. ‘You are so funny, all I can see, is your little eyes poking out of the big pile of Easter Eggs. No wonder I couldn’t see you Ollie.’

As Rudolph and the chicks flew down to join Ollie and Emilie, they all sat around the beautiful Easter Tree eating all the delicious chocolate Eggs.

What a fun day it was for them all.

Happy Easter everyone.
The End

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