Ollie's Bathtime Bubbles
by Janet Clements on April 1st, 2016

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Ollie had been playing out in the snow and managed to get himself covered in chocolate and sweeties. That can only mean one thing… Bathtime!

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Ollie's Bathtime Bubbles

‘Oh Ollie,’ said Emilie. ‘You’re the funniest little Elf ever. Have you seen what’s on the end of your nose?’

Ollie had been playing out in the snow. He had been eating all the sweeties and melted chocolate which was covered in his special Sweetie House.

‘Have you been licking all the chocolate with your mouth?’ asked Emilie laughing. ‘You have chocolate covered all over your face and a little cherry sweetie stuck right on the end of your nose!’

‘Oh Emilie, it’s so much fun out in the snow, I have had so much fun!’ said a chocolate covered Ollie.
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‘It’s bubble time!’ shouted Mama Claus from the little elves house. ‘It’s time for your Bathtime Bubbles Ollie, just look at the state of you.’

Mama Claus had run Ollie his special bathtime bubbles, and Ollie wasted no time, in running straight through the house and into the bath.

‘But Ollie,’ said Mama. ‘You have forgotten to take all your little elves clothes off.’

‘No problem Mama,’ said Ollie, and with that a little bubble flew out of the water with his little clothes attached to it.

‘Well that was magic,’ said Mama smiling. ‘I’ll go and wash your clothes, and get them all ready for tomorrow.’

Next to the bath was a window, where Ollie would lay back and watch all the beautiful stars, twinkling in the sky.

‘Go on bubbles, fly so high,’ said Ollie, blowing all the bubbles out of the window.
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The sky would be full of hundreds of floating bubbles, going higher and higher.

‘Now don’t forget bubbles, to collect all the children’s wishes along the way, and take them to the stars,’ shouted a squeaky clean Ollie.

‘Oh Ollie,’ said Mama Claus coming back into the bathroom. ‘The sky is full of Ollie’s bubbles, taking all the children’s wishes to the stars. You are the kindest little elf to all the children, because they all know that when you wish upon a star, your dreams comes true.’

‘Come on then Ollie,’ said Mama Claus, holding out the softest white towel, let’s get you wrapped up warm and ready for bed.

‘Coming your way,’ said Ollie as he flew towards Mama Claus in his big magical bubble. ‘Make a wish Mama Claus, and all your wishes will come true.’

‘Oh Ollie,’ said Mama Claus. ‘My wish has already come true I have you.
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The End
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