Snowflake Collecting
by Janet Clements on April 8th, 2016

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Snowy and Rudolph loved collecting snowflakes. It was their favourite game. With baskets at the ready, they were on a mission to see how many snowflakes they could collect!

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Snowflake Collecting

Living in the North Pole, was always very chilly.

It was always so lovely, to snuggle around the beautiful log fire in Santa’s workshop.
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Drinking their lovely hot chocolate, marshmallows and favourite cookies, Snowy and Rudolph decided to go out in the snow and collect all the falling snowflakes.

‘Snowy are you ready?’ asked Rudolph. ‘After all, this is your favourite game.’

Snowy was always first at the door, ready with his snowflake basket hanging from his twig arm.

As they opened the big wooden doors, the snowflakes fell, making the whole of the North Pole look like one big snowflake.

‘I’m going to catch the most snowflakes,’ said Snowy to Rudolph. ‘I’ll race you!’
Snowy 01
Rudolph flew high into the sky, collecting each snowflake on the end of his antlers. It was such a fun game.

‘Oh Rudolph,’ said Snowy, as Rudolph flew back down.’You are so clever.’

Rudolph tilted his head forward, and dropped all the snowflakes in Snowy’s basket.

‘You are the cleverest Reindeer ever,’ said Snowy. ‘Look how many you have collected!’

‘Do you think we have enough?’ asked Rudolph.
Rudolph 02
‘I think we do.’ said Snowy. ‘Let’s take them all inside and count them.’
‘There are so many here!’ said Snowy. ‘Our Christmas tree is going to be full, of magical snowflakes!’

‘Are you ready?’ asked Snowy excitedly. ‘The snowflakes are beginning to melt…’

Snowy stuck his tummy out, with his special magic button in place.

Snowys button was so magical, that anything that touched it turned to frozen snow.

‘Here comes the first one, catch Snowy,’ said Rudolph.

The snowflake flew into the air, bounced onto Snowy’s magic button, then bounced onto the biggest Christmas tree ever.

‘Oh,’ said Santa, as Santa, Mama, Ollie and Emilie joined them. ‘The tree looks so pretty, decorated in all the frozen, hanging snowflakes.’

‘So always remember,’ said Snowy to Rudolph. ‘When you see a beautiful white snowflake hanging on your christmas tree, you’ll know that it’s fallen from the North Pole.’
The End
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