The Fluffiest Cloud
by Janet Clements on April 15th, 2016

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​Every morning a special fluffy cloud would pass Ollie & Emilie on their way to the workshop. See what happens in the newest edition of Santa Fun Stories’ and find out what makes this cloud the most special cloud in the sky ...

The Fluffiest Cloud

High above Santa’s workshop, lived the most fluffiest cloud in all the world.

‘Have you blown your special kisses to the fluffy cloud this morning?’ asked Mama Claus.

‘Well of course we have,’ answered Ollie and Emilie. ‘You couldn’t pass the fluffy cloud without blowing it a kiss!’

Every morning onto their way to the workshop, Ollie and Emilie would always make sure, they blew all their special kisses to the most special cloud in the sky.

‘Oh Ollie’ said Emilie. ‘I just love watching the cloud grow and grow.’
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While Santa, Mama, Ollie and Emilie were busy at work in the mornings, they would make sure they ran out of the workshop every hour to blow kisses to the fluffy cloud.

‘Oh Emilie,’ said an excited Ollie. ‘I can’t wait till after lunch and wave our special cloud goodbye.’

‘Do you know if Rudolph and Snowy have blown their kisses today?’ asked Santa.

‘I hope not,’ said Ollie. ‘That means the cloud will get bigger and bigger when they blow their kisses. I will go and find them.’

With everyone blowing their kisses, the cloud just got bigger and bigger...

It didn’t matter how big it grew as it was the fluffiest and lightest cloud ever.

‘It’s time, it’s time!’ shouted Ollie. ‘It’s time to wave our cloud goodbye.’
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Everyone rushed out of the workshop, to blow their last kisses for the day, and wave the cloud goodbye.

‘There it goes!’ shouted Olie jumping up and down on the snow, and with that a little kiss fell down on each of them, to tell them how much they were loved.

‘See you later,’ said Snowy waving the cloud goodbye. ‘Go and blow all the special kisses on children all over the world, and don’t forget to bring their kisses back with you.’

Everyday the fluffy cloud would carry all the special kisses to children all over the world. The children would always know they received their special kiss because, every time they looked up a little kiss would fall down on each of them, to tell them how much they were loved by us.
‘Do you think the children will remember to blow their kisses back to the cloud for us?’ asked Rudolph.

‘Of course they will,’ said Snowy. ‘We receive their kisses everyday.’
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‘Here it comes already,’ said Ollie. ‘It is so big.’

As they all looked up, kisses fell on each of them from children all over the world. They were all so happy.
the end
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