Ollie's Messy Bedroom
by Janet Clements on April 22nd, 2016

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​Ollie has gone missing and no one can seem to find him. The elves and the rest of the gang have searched everywhere, but still Ollie is nowhere to be seen! See what happens in the newest edition of Santa Fun Stories’ and find out where Ollie has been hiding!

Ollie's Messy Bedroom

‘Has anyone seen Ollie this morning?’ asked Emilie, as she was puzzled where Ollie could be.

Every Saturday morning, Ollie and Emilie would race to get up, get dressed and play out in the snow with all the other elves.

‘But I have looked everywhere,’ said Emilie. ‘Where could he be? It won’t be the same playing without Ollie in the snow.’

‘Ollie! Ollie!’ shouted everyone, as they started to come out and look for him.
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‘Have you looked in his bedroom?’ asked Mama Claus. ‘Yes that was the first place I looked, but Ollie was nowhere to be seen.’

‘Maybe he’s in the Sweetie House, eating all the sweets,’ said Santa. ‘Oh of course he is,’ answered Emilie. ‘Where else would he be? Ollie loved the Sweetie House.’

But once again Ollie was nowhere to be seen.

Getting into bed on Friday night, was a big chore for Ollie, in fact every night was a big chore for Ollie.

‘Oh no,’ said Ollie as he went to get into bed. ‘There is so much mess and toys everywhere, that I don’t even think, I even have a bed under all that mess.’

‘But I’m too tired to clean it up,’ thought Ollie. ‘All I want to do is go to sleep.’

Ollie looked around his bedroom, and thought that he had to clean all the mess up real quick before anyone noticed. There was only one rule in the North Pole, that everyone had to keep their beautiful rooms nice and tidy, with their beds made every morning.

‘Oh well,’ thought a cheeky Ollie. ‘At least my bed is made every morning, because there is so much mess on it every night, that I sleep on the top,’ grinned a cheeky Ollie.
‘Is someone calling my name?’ thought Ollie, as he rubbed his eyes and gave the most biggest yawn. ‘Where am I,’ thought Ollie, as he was just waking up. ‘It’s morning.’

Tucked away in the corner of Ollie’s bedroom was a little cupboard. It was full of extra warm blankets and pillows if Ollie got a little chilly at night.

Collecting an extra blanket for his messy bed, the night before, he had laid down on all the softest blankets and had fallen fast asleep. He was so snuggled under all the blankets, that Emilie couldn’t even see him.

‘Oh no,’ said Ollie. ‘I’ve overslept and everyone must be looking for me and my room is in such a mess.’

Like a speed of lightning, Ollie had his room cleared up in no time, it looked spotless.
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‘There you are Ollie,’ said Mama Claus, Santa, Emilie and Rudolph as they entered his bedroom. ‘Where have you been? We’ve been looking for you everywhere!’

‘That’s strange,’ said Emilie, as she looked around. ‘I came into your bedroom a while ago and you couldn’t see anything for all the mess.’

‘I don’t know what your talking about,’ said Ollie. ‘Look my bedroom is spotless!’ with a little cheeky grin on his face.

‘Can we go out to play now in the snow?’ said Ollie. ‘I am so excited!’
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​As Ollie was shutting his bedroom door, he looked back with a big grin, knowing full well that he had just chucked everything under the bed.
the end
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