The Little Robin Bird
by Janet Clements on April 29th, 2016

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It was Christmas Eve, and all the beautiful toys were lined up ready, for Santa and Rudolph, to deliver presents, to children all over the world.
But one of the reindeers has gone missing, no one can seem to find him.

Read on to find out what happens in the newest edition of Santa Fun Stories’

​The Little Robin Bird

It was the most magical night in the North Pole.

It was Christmas Eve, and all the beautiful toys were lined up ready, for Santa and Rudolph, to deliver presents, to children all over the world.

‘It is getting very packed in here,’ said Ollie. ‘With all these sacks of toys. I hope Rudolph comes back very soon.’

Rudolph had been over the stables, polishing his sleigh and making sure everything was clean and sparkly, ready for their special night.

‘Oh I just love being in the stables on Christmas Eve,’ said Rudolph. ‘It is so exciting!’

Rudolph had to make sure that everything was working smoothly, for their long night ahead.
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‘Now do we have all you reindeers ready?’ asked Rudolph. ‘It’s nearly time, for us to go and pick Santa up.’

Rudolph started to call each reindeer by their name. Each reindeer would have to answer with a neigh, and then Rudolph would know if they were ready.

There were nine reindeers in all, including Rudolph. As Rudolph called out all the names, there was no neigh to be heard from Hubid the Reindeer.

‘But where is Hubid?’ asked all the other reindeers. As they turned around there was no Hubid, but an empty space, with his reins hanging down.  

‘His reins are here but no Hubid,’ said Dasher. Dasher was Hubid’s best reindeer friend and they were always together.

‘Oh no,’ said Dasher. ‘We can’t go without Hubid, we must find him, and very quick.’

‘I’m sure he will turn up.’ said Rudolph. ‘He knows it’s our most magical night of the year.’

‘What’s that noise I can hear?’ said Dasher looking up. ‘I can hear something on the stable roof.’

All the reindeers heads turned and looked up. All of a sudden there was a very loud noise. Bump! Bump! Bump!

Everyone looked at each other wondering what the strange noise could be.
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‘There you are!’ laughed Rudolph. ‘And what are you doing, Hubid, laying at the bottom of the chimney? That’s Santa’s job!’

‘Oh Rudolph,’ said Hubid. ‘I was out practising my flying for tonight, when a little Robin bird flew down our chimney and never came out.’

‘So what did you do?’ asked Dasher.

‘I flew straight down the chimney to find him, but he was nowhere to be seen, I lost him.’

Everybody laughed, and told Hubid to look under his sparkly collar.

The little bird had snuggled under Hubids collar and fallen fast asleep.

‘I am so happy,’ said Hubid. ‘He is now warm and safe.’

‘Are we ready?’ asked Rudolph. ‘It’s time to leave and pick up Santa.’
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As the beautiful, magical, sparkling sleigh flew through the stable doors, the little Robin bird was covered in magical stardust.

‘So always remember,’ said Ollie. ‘When you see a little red robin bird at Christmas, he is the special little one, that flew toys to children all over the world.
the end
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