Painting Santa's Sleigh
by Rob Clements on May 7th, 2016

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Ollie has a very important job to do on a bright and sunny morning in the North Pole. He is giving Santa’s Sleigh a fresh coat of paint. Emilie thought she would come find Ollie and tell him how much she misses him at the Toy Workshop, but everything started to go wrong once she got there.

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​Painting Santa’s Sleigh

It was a bright, sunny morning in the North Pole. Ollie the Elf was busy with a very important job.

Today Ollie is giving Santa’s Sleigh a fresh coat of paint.

Ollie was hard at work in the Sleigh Shed, putting the finishing touches on the second coat of red paint.
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‘Hi Ollie!’ Emilie says as she rushes into the shed. ‘We all miss you in the Toy Workshop.’

‘Hey Emilie!’ Ollie giggles. ‘I’m doing a very important job for Santa! I’m painting his Sleigh!’

‘Oh wow Ollie’ Emilie gasps. ‘It’s so pretty!’

‘I’m just about to start on the green bits!’ Ollie says excitedly.

Emilie runs around to the other side of the sleigh, as she runs, she trips over the open tin of green paint.

‘Oh what have I done?’ Emilie says loudly. ‘Ollie, I’m so sorry! All your paint!’

‘I needed that to finish the sleigh!’ Ollie cries. ‘I’ll never get it finished now.’

‘I’m very, very sorry!’ Emilie says sadly. ‘I can help! I’ll go and find some more green paint and then we can finish the sleigh together.’

‘Ok I got that tin of green paint from the Toy Workshop.’ Ollie says.

‘I’ll be right back.’ Emilie shouts as she runs off towards the Toy Workshop.
Emilie Image 02
Emilie gets to the Toy Workshop and goes straight to the paint room at the back. Emilie searches through every box in the paint room, there are plenty of tins of purple paint, yellow paint and orange paint.

‘This is the last box,’ Emilie thinks. ‘I really hope there’s some in here.’

Emilie opens the last box as fast as she can. She digs through all the tins of paint, and right at the bottom, there was one last tin of green paint.

The tin of green paint was very heavy and Emilie struggled to carry it all the way back to the Sleigh Shed.
Emilie Image 03
‘Ollie?’ Emilie shouts. ‘I got the paint! You can start to paint the rest of the Sleigh now.’

‘Over here Emilie.’ Ollie says. ‘I’ve just finished clearing up the spilled paint.’

‘I got the last tin of green paint in the Toy Workshop.’ Emilie says happily. ‘I’m really sorry that I spilled the paint Ollie.’

‘That’s ok Emilie,’ Ollie says. ‘You can help me finish painting the sleigh and then we’ll be finished by the end of the day!’
The End
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