The Magical Pink Fairy
by Janet Clements on May 13th, 2016

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Emilie the Elf is getting all dressed up to go and visit her friend the Magical Pink Fairy. A day filled with beautiful horses, sparkly dresses and fairydust!

Read on to find out what happens in the newest edition of Santa Fun Stories’

The Magical Pink Fairy

There was lots of excitement in the workshop, as Emilie was getting very excited at meeting her very special friend.

‘Are you going to get ready?’ asked Ollie, looking at his watch. ‘It’s nearly time Emilie.’

‘I know,’ said Emilie, ‘How exciting! I’ll just run and get changed into my fairytale dress, and I’ll see you in a minute Ollie.’

As Emilie entered the workshop in her new dress, everyone thought how beautiful she looked.
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‘Oh Emilie, you look absolutely beautiful in your fairytale dress!’ said Mama Claus. ‘It is very pretty, and you twinkle just like a little star.’   
‘Before I go Ollie,’ said Emilie. ‘Would you like me to sprinkle you in some beautiful fairydust, so you can twinkle too?’

‘Oh Emilie, if you must,’ said Ollie. ‘Anything for my best friend, to make her happy.’

‘Oh Ollie, you look very... um, what’s the word? ...Sparkly.’ said Santa Claus laughing.
Emilie gathered up all her things, and placed them all in her pink glittery fairy bag.

‘I’ll see you in a while,’ said Emilie, as she ran excitedly towards the big opened doors.

Outside, waiting for Emilie, was the most beautiful pink fairytale carriage, she had ever seen.
‘Your carriage awaits you,’ said Rudolph as he placed his hoof out, to help Emilie up into the carriage.

‘Oh Rudolph, thank you so much,’ said Emilie. ‘You always make me feel so special.’

‘That’s because you are very special Emilie,’ said Rudolph.
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‘Are you going to be taking me up to the beautiful pink star today?’ asked Emilie.

‘No, I have a special surprise for you today,’ said Rudolph. As Emilie looked outside the magical window, she saw the most beautiful pink and white horses waiting in line.

‘Oh Rudolph they are beautiful!’ said Emilie. ‘Did you get them just for me?’

‘Of course,’ said Rudolph. ‘Only the best for you Emilie.’

Emilie cuddled Rudolph, and thanked him for being so kind to her.

‘Off you go then,’ shouted Rudolph, to the beautiful horses, and with a sprinkling mist of fairydust, the carriage flew high into the sky.

‘I’ll see you later!’ shouted Emilie, waving and blowing magical kisses, down to Rudolph.

The beautiful pink and white horses, glided the carriage higher and higher through the beautiful white fluffy clouds.

‘There it is.’ pointed Emilie. ‘I can see the beautiful pink star, shining through the clouds, it is twinkling so bright.’

Emilie was so excited, as she knew her fairytale friend was waiting for her. As the horses slowed down, the carriage pulled onto the most beautiful pink star.

‘Welcome to my fairytale home Emilie,’ said the most sweetest, softest voice, as the carriage door opened.

Standing in front of the carriage, was Emilie’s beautiful friend Cryztal. She was the most beautiful fairy Emilie had ever seen.

‘I love your new dress Emilie,’ said Cryztal. ‘You twinkle like a little star.’

‘I’m glad you like it,’ said Emilie. ‘I brought it especially for our special day. I wanted to look just like you Cryztal, in your beautiful pink flowing fairy dress.  

‘Shall we go through the magical fairy door?’ said Cryztal. ‘But you mustn’t forget to make your special wish Emilie.’
Emilie made her special wish, and wished for everyone to be safe and happy.
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‘You are the sweetest Elf Emilie,’ said Cryztal. ‘Always making sure everyone is safe and happy. I am so glad that you are my special friend.’

As Emilie and Cryztal entered the magical fairy door, they were showered in the most beautiful mist of fairydust, which made them glitter all the more.

‘Shall we play our special game first?’ asked Cryztal.

‘Oh please!’ said Emilie. ‘This is the best game ever!’

In Cryztal’s beautiful fairy home, she had a fairytale room which was full of magical fairydust glitter, and magical wishing stars. In the floor was a beautiful pink star, which would open, and down below was all the beautiful world where everyone lived.

‘Would you like to open the magic door?’ asked Cryztal. ‘And release all the magical fairy dust, and stars to everyone.’
‘I would love to,’ said Emilie. As Emilie pulled the magical door open, the beautiful fairydust and wishing stars fell over all the earth.

‘Don’t forget to make your wish upon a star,’ shouted Emilie to the earth. ‘Because when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true.’
the end
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