Snowy's Skiing Lesson
by Janet Clements on May 20th, 2016

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Snowy is in for a really fun day as Ollie is teaching Snowy how to Ski. Although Snowy seems to be a bit nervous about getting on the slopes. Can Ollie help Snowy overcome his fears and ski for the first time ever?

Read on to find out what happens in the newest edition of Santa Fun Stories’

Snowy's Skiing Lesson

‘Are you sure you want to teach me to ski today?’ asked Snowy. ‘It is very cold outside for you Ollie.’

‘Oh Snowy, you are so funny,’ said Ollie laughing. ‘You are just trying to get out of your first skiing lesson.’

‘Of course I’m not,’ said Snowy. ‘I am really looking forward to it.’

‘So why is your little carrot nose shaking?’ asked Ollie laughing. ‘It’s looks to me that some little snowman, is very nervous.’

Snowy had always wanted to learn to ski, but he was very nervous.
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With Snowy’s little ski’s in place, Ollie started to guide him gently down the mountain.

‘Make sure you hold on to me Ollie, and don’t let go,’ said a nervous Snowy.

‘I’m with you all the way,’ said Ollie, holding Snowy’s hand as tight as he could.

‘Well this is fun!’ said Snowy. ‘In fact it’s easier than I thought.’

‘Everyone is going to be really proud of you,’ said Ollie. ‘You’re doing very well for your first lesson.’

‘Look at me glide through the snow,’ said Snowy, as his confidence started to build up.

‘Oh Snowy, that is amazing,’ said Ollie. ‘You are picking it up very quickly.’

As the days went by, Snowy became better and better, and was very chuffed with himself.

‘I can ski! I can ski! I am now a professional skier,’ said Snowy, to everyone.

‘Oh Snowy, you are so funny,’ said Emilie. ‘But I think you will need a few more lessons yet, to call yourself a professional.’

Everyone thought it would be an exciting adventure, to go up to the mountain and ski, especially as Snowy could now ski, and now called himself a professional.

‘Oh, I am so excited,’ said Snowy, packing his little ski’s in his bag. ‘As I am a professional skier now, I will be able to show you all what to do.’

Everyone laughed at Snowy, and headed up towards the mountain.

‘We have arrived Santa and Mama,’ said Rudolph, as he laid down to let Santa and Mama off his back.

‘I am just going to fly back down, and pick Ollie, Emilie and Snowy up, I will be back in just a minute.’

‘Oh Rudolph thank you, that was so much fun,’ said Snowy, Ollie and Emilie, as they too arrived at the top of the mountain.

Everyone got into their ski’s, and got ready to ski down the mountain.

‘Who is going first?’ asked Santa.

‘Can it be me,’ said Snowy, bouncing up and down with excitement. ‘I am a professional after all.’

‘Maybe you should ski with me Snowy, as it’s your first time,’ said Ollie.

‘Okay Ollie, that sounds very exciting,’ said Snowy.

Everyone smiled to themselves, as Snowy kept calling himself a professional.
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‘Okay, hold my hand Snowy,’ said Ollie. ‘And on the count of three, we will take off.’

One, two three and they both pushed themselves of the highest mountain. You could hear Snowy’s yipeeeeeeeeeeee, as his little voice echoed all around the mountains.

‘Oh Ollie, this is so much fun,’ said Snowy holding onto Ollie’s hand. ‘Are you ready to do some somersaults?’

‘What are you talking about?’ asked a panicky Ollie.

‘Somersaults, you know,’ said Snowy. ‘When you flip your body over.’

Without Ollie having time to say he couldn’t do them, Snowy went into a complete somersault taking Ollie with him.

‘But Snowy, I can’t do them,’ said Ollie, as Snowy took him into his next somersault, spinning Ollie over once again.

‘Slow down, slow down!’ shouted Ollie, as he was getting more and more giddy, but Snowy couldn’t hear him. Snowy was too busy, shouting yipeeeeeee everywhere.

‘I’m giddy, you must slow down,’ said Ollie, being thrown into more and more somersaults, but Snowy still couldn’t hear him.

As they reached the bottom of the mountain, snowy was ready to do it all over again.

‘What on earth has happened to you?’ asked Snowy, as he turned to look at Ollie. ‘Why is your hat on back to front, your jumper round your neck and your eyes all crossed? You look absolutely worn out and terrified Ollie.’

Ollie was speechless, he couldn’t talk, sitting on the snow wondering what had just happened.
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‘Oh Ollie, you look so funny,’ said Snowy. ‘I thought you were a true professional just like me.

Shall we go up again, and do some more somersaults down the mountain?’ asked an excited Snowy.

‘I think I shall give this one a miss,’ said an exhausted Ollie, still trying to get his breath back. ‘You go ahead.’

‘Oh Ollie, do you think I am a true professional now?’ said Snowy.

‘Yes Snowy. You truly are a professional now,’ said Ollie, trying to adjust his cross eyes back to normal.

‘A true professional Snowy.’
The End

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