Building Ollie's Snowman
by Janet Clements on May 27th, 2016

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It began to snow at the north pole and Snowy started to get really excited since he loves the snow. Snowy didn’t have anyone to play with, so decided to play on his own. Once he headed to the top of the mountain, things started to go horribly wrong for Snowy...

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Building Ollie's Snowman

‘It’s snowing, it’s snowing out here!’ shouted an excited Snowy the Snowman, from outside the workshop.

The workshop was very busy and noisy, as everyone was running around, getting everything ready for Christmas.

‘It’s still snowing out here,’ said Snowy. ‘If anyone would like to come and play with me?’ but no one could hear, poor little Snowy.

‘Oh well,’ said Snowy to himself. ‘I can still have fun. I will just play on my own, and roll around in the snow.’

Snowy thought it would be great fun, if he laid at the top of the mountain and rolled down. With his little feet, he waddled up to the top of the mountain, which took him forever.  

‘Okay, I can do this,’ said Snowy talking to himself. ‘The mountain is very big, but on the count of three, I will let go and roll myself down.’

‘Here goes,’ said Snowy. ‘One, two, three... Yipee!’ shouted Snowy, laughing as he started to roll, down the biggest mountain in the North Pole.  

Over and over Snowy rolled, collecting lots of snow along the way.

‘Hang on,’ said Snowy, ‘I don’t seem to be stopping!’

What Snowy didn’t realise was, as he was rolling over and over in the snow, his little body was getting bigger and bigger.

‘Oh no,’ said Snowy. ’I need to stop now. I’m getting a bit dizzy, and all the snow is beginning to cover my face.’

Snowy never stopped, he just kept rolling and rolling.
Snowy Image 01
‘I think I will go outside for a while, and see if Snowy is okay,’ said Ollie.

As Ollie stepped outside the workshop, he realised, that it was snowing very heavy.
‘Snowy! Snowy!’ shouted Ollie at the top of his voice. ‘Where are you Snowy?’

He must be hiding thought Ollie. ‘I will have to try and find him.’

As Ollie turned around, he saw the most biggest snowball coming straight towards him.

‘Well that looks fun,’ said Ollie, ‘I have never seen such a massive snowball.’

Ollie started to chase the big snowball, but it was getting bigger and bigger, the more it rolled.

‘This is so much fun,’ laughed Ollie.
Ollie Image 02
As the moving snowball and Ollie, ran past the workshop, Ollie shouted out to everyone. ‘Quick! Come out and see what’s out here.’

‘What is it Ollie?’ asked everyone, as they came out to see what all the noise was about.
‘Oh my goodness!’ said Santa. ‘Did you see the size of that massive snowball, and Ollie is chasing it?’

‘Come on everyone,’ said Emilie. ‘Let’s join in the fun and chase it with Ollie.’

The snowball just kept rolling and rolling.

‘I know what to do,’ said Rudolph. ‘I’ll fly in front of the snowball and stop it with my antlers.’

‘What a good idea,’ said Mama laughing. ‘Go ahead quickly Rudolph, I’m getting out of breath. I’m not as young and fit as I used to be.’

Rudolph flew over the snowball, and stopped it still, by sticking his antlers into the thick snow.
‘Ouchhhhhh...’ came a little voice from the snowball.

‘Did you hear that?’ whispered a frightened Ollie, hiding behind santa. ‘I’m sure the snowball said something. Do you think It’s a talking snowball?’

‘Don’t be silly,’ said Emilie. ‘Snowballs don’t talk Ollie.’

‘Okay I guess, I’m being silly,’ said Ollie. You’re right, snowballs don’t talk Emilie.’

‘I know what we can do with the snowball,’ said Ollie. ‘We can make it into a friend for Snowy, he has always wanted a snowman friend.’

‘By the way, where is Snowy? He has been gone forever,’ said Ollie. ‘I need to find him.’

‘Before you go and look for Snowy,’ said Santa. ‘Shall we quickly dress the snowman up, and surprise him?’

‘What a good idea,’ said Ollie. ‘I’ll run over to the kitchen, and fetch a carrot for his nose, and a nice warm scarf, for his neck.’

‘I’ll fetch some twigs for his arms, and stones for his eyes,’ said Emilie.

Ollie was gone, and back in no time, with his carrot and his scarf.

‘I’ll have to climb up on your shoulders Santa,’ said Ollie. ‘The snowball is so big.’

Ollie climbed onto Santa’s shoulders.

‘It’s very high up here,’ said Ollie. ‘Maybe I’ll be able to spot Snowy from up here, and find him.’

‘Can you hurry up and place the stones in his eyes, and the carrot in his nose? My shoulders are tired!’ laughed Santa. ‘You aren’t as little as you used to be.’

Ollie dug out the two holes for his eyes, and the hole for his nose.

‘Okay Rudolph,’ said Ollie. ‘You can fly the stones, and carrot up to me now, the holes are ready.’

As Ollie went to place the stones in the snow, there were two big eyes moving and staring straight at him.

‘Ahhhhhhhh!’ screamed Ollie, nearly falling off Santa’s shoulders. ‘Ahhhhhhh! There are two real eyes looking at me Santa!’

‘Don’t be so silly,’ said Rudolph. ‘How can two real eyes, be looking at you?’

‘Look, Rudolph, look for yourself,’ said Ollie.

‘Oh Ollie, you are so funny,’ said Rudolph. ‘Let me put the stones in the holes for you.’

‘Ahhhhhhhh!’ screamed Rudolph, nearly knocking Ollie and Santa over with his antlers. ‘There are two big eyes Santa! Look! Two big eyes looking at me!’  

‘Calm down everyone,’ said Santa, as Ollie and Rudolph hid themselves under Santa’s beard. ‘I think you two must be seeing things. Let me have a look for myself.’

‘Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!’ screamed Santa, as he looked into the eye holes. ‘There are two real eyes moving!’ said Santa.

‘Oh, what is all the fuss about,’ said Emilie. ‘Let me climb up there myself, and have a look.’

As Emilie looked into the eye holes, she saw the two big eyes, staring straight back at her.

‘Oh Snowy,’ said Emilie.’ There you are, and what are you doing in the middle of a snowball?’
Snowy Emilie Image 03
‘Snowy? You found him?’ asked Ollie, peeping out from behind Santa’s beard.

‘Oh Ollie,’ said Emilie, laughing at him. ‘You are the funniest little Elf, and it was Snowy all along.’

‘Am I glad to be out of that massive snowball,’ said Snowy, after everyone had got to work digging him out.

‘Glad to have you back Snowy,’ said Ollie. ‘Now, no getting into any more mischief again,’ laughed Ollie. ‘...Well at least not without me next time.’
The End
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