Loving Yourself
by Janet Clements on June 3rd, 2016

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Every morning at breakfast before a long day in the workshop, everyone would gather round the table and listen to Mama. She would always teach them lots of different things and give them important life lessons.

Read on to find out what happens in the newest edition of Santa Fun Stories’.

Loving Yourself

As Mama Claus arrived at the workshop, she was greeted with the most beautiful good morning from everyone.

​‘Good morning, Mama,’ said Ollie, giving her a big kiss. ‘Would you like me to help you make the breakfast this morning?’

​‘Oh Ollie, that would be lovely,’ said Mama. ‘You are the sweetest elf, always wanting to help me and look after me.’
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‘Well, you always look after us,’ said Ollie. ‘So it’s always nice to return the love back to you Mama.’

Every morning after breakfast, before the busy day started in the workshop, everyone would gather around the table, and listen to Mama.

Each day Mama would teach them different things. She would teach them, how to be happy and nice, and how to love the beautiful world and each other.

‘Oh Mama,’ Said Snowy.’ I’m so excited for our lesson today, what are you going to be teaching us?’

‘I thought it would be nice, for you to learn about loving yourself today. What do you all think?’ asked Mama.

‘That sounds just perfect,’ said Santa.
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‘So I shall begin?’ asked Mama.

‘Each and everyone of you, are beautiful,’ said Mama. ‘Everyone is beautiful.’

‘Aww Mama, that sounds lovely,’ said Emilie. ‘You are beautiful too, and we all love you so much.’

‘Thank you Emilie,’ said Mama. ‘I love you all very much too.’

‘When people tell you they love you,’ said Mama. ‘It will always make you feel very special. It is always nice to return the love back, by saying I love you too.’   

‘Being loving is a beautiful feeling, and everyone should always show how much they love each other,’ said Mama.

‘I love you Ollie,’ said Emilie, turning around and giving him a big cuddle. ‘In fact I love you all!’
‘That is very sweet of you Emilie,’ said Mama. ‘It is always so lovely to see you sharing your love with everyone.’

‘People show their love in lots of different ways,’ said Mama. ‘Some people like to cuddle, some people like to say I love you, some people are a little bit more shy. Whatever way they choose is beautiful.’

‘If it makes you feel good, and you know it’s come from your own heart, that is perfect,’ said Mama.

‘Every little person has love in their hearts,’ said Mama. ‘It is always so beautiful to share it with everyone.’
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‘I also want to teach you that every little person is different, in their own little way,’ said Mama. ‘Every little person has their own likes, dislikes and own little interests.’

‘Whatever you choose to like in your little life, and if you know it is right in your heart, then it will always be right,’ said Mama. It’s very important in life, that although you share your love with everyone, it’s as important that you love yourself too.’

‘You must always try to be kind and loving to everyone,’ said Mama. ‘When you are kind and loving, you will have that beautiful feeling inside your heart, but remember to be very proud of yourself as well.’

‘Thank you Mama, for our beautiful lesson today,’ said everyone, as they all cuddled and told each other how much they loved each other.

What a beautiful loving day it was, for everyone up in the North Pole.
The End
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