Ollie and Snuggles
by Janet Clements on June 10th, 2016

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Ollie needs to get some sleep as he is very tired, but his newest little friend Snuggles is keeping him awake. Snuggles is a very lively puppy and loves to play games. How does Ollie manage to get Snuggles to calm down and get some sleep?

Read on to find out what happens in the newest edition of Santa Fun Stories’

Ollie and Snuggles

‘Woof Woof!’ barked Snuggles, as Ollie the Elf, tucked himself under the duvet with him.

‘It’s our bedtime Snuggles,’ said Ollie. ‘You must be very tired, you’ve had a very long day.’

Snuggles was only a little puppy, who never wanted to sleep, but just wanted to play with Ollie.
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‘Oh Snuggles, you are so funny,’ said Ollie. ‘You will have to stop barking, as you will wake everyone up.’

Snuggles loved to play, and would run up and down the bed, pulling all the covers off Ollie with his sharp little teeth.

‘Ouch!’ shouted Ollie, as Snuggles bit Ollie’s toe, instead of the duvet.

‘That’s my big toe, you’ve just bitten! Come up here and snuggle down with me, before you get into any more mischief.’

Snuggles climbed over the duvet with his little paws, falling into every crease. It was taking him forever to reach the top of the bed.

‘Oh Snuggles come up here,’ said Ollie, reaching over the covers to pick him up.

‘You are the cutest little puppy, I have ever seen.’ said Ollie, cuddling him tightly to his chest.

‘Okay, are you ready for us to settle down now,’ said Ollie. ‘We must get some sleep, I have a very busy day tomorrow.’

‘Before we go to sleep Snuggles, we mustn't forget to blow our special kisses to children all over the world. We have to wish every little boy and girl are blessed with lots of love and happiness, and to tell them how much we love them.’

As Ollie snuggled under the duvet, cuddling up to Snuggles, they made their special wish, and blew all their love and kisses, out to all the boys and girls, before falling fast to sleep.

‘Woof Woof!’ barked Snuggles. ‘Woof Woof!’

‘What is it, what is it?’ asked a frightened Ollie, sitting upright in bed. ‘What’s happened?

As Ollie reached over, to put his bedside lamp on, Snuggles jumped straight onto Ollies arms.

‘What is it little Snuggles?’ asked Ollie. ‘Don’t tell me you still want to play?’

‘Woof Woof!’ barked Snuggles, pulling Ollies bed covers off once again.

‘Oh Snuggles, you’re too lively for this time of night,’ said Ollie. ‘You’ll be very tired in the morning.’

As Snuggles jumped off the bed, with the covers in his teeth, he jumped straight onto the cabinet opposite, making a beautiful tent across Ollies bedroom.

‘Well this is fun,’ said Ollie. ‘Shall we sleep in the tent tonight, and put our pillows on the floor?’

Ollie and Snuggles placed their sheet and pillows on the floor, and settled down in their new little tent.

‘Would you like me to read your bedtime story Snuggles?’ asked Ollie.

Ollie thought, that by reading to Snuggles, he would settle down and go fast to sleep.

‘The story begins...’ said Ollie.
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‘Once upon a time, there was the cutest little puppy called Snuggles. His best friend was Ollie the Elf, who was the kindest little elf to him.

‘Every night he would snuggle down with Ollie, and have his bedtime story read to him. Snuggles loved Ollie reading to him.’

‘He was the cutest puppy ever, with the most beautiful eyes, and a little brown patch covering his left eye.’

‘His little body was covered in brown and cream soft fur, which he loved being stroked.’

‘Snuggles loved Ollie, and Ollie loved Snuggles back. They were a little team, always doing and sharing everything together.’
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As Ollie turned around, he could hear the tiniest little snore, coming from Snuggles. He had fallen fast asleep.

As Ollie turned the light off, he kissed Snuggles good night and wished him sweet dreams.

‘Sweet Dreams Snuggles.’
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