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by Janet Clements on June 17th, 2016

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What a lovely day it is in the North Pole, everyone is having the best day. Well, everyone except Snuggles. Something seems to be bothering him. He hasn’t been acting himself lately, but no one can seem to figure out what’s wrong with little Snuggles.

Read on to find out what’s bothering Snuggles in the newest edition of Santa Fun Stories’

Ollie's Blankie

‘Are you ever going to settle down Snuggles?’ asked Mama Claus, as Snuggles ran up and down the kitchen. ‘You’re going to wear those little legs of yours out. They must be getting very tired by now.’

‘Has anybody seen Snuggles?’ shouted Ollie across the workshop floor. ‘I haven’t seen him all afternoon.’

‘I think he is in the kitchen with Mama,’ said Emilie. ‘He must be helping her with the washing.’

As Ollie went to find Snuggles, he was hoping that he hadn’t been up to too much mischief.

‘There you are Snuggles,’ said Ollie, as he walked through the kitchen door. ‘What have you been up to?’

‘I don’t know what’s up with him,’ said Mama. ‘He has just been walking up and down all afternoon, with his little head down.’

‘You don’t seem very happy Snuggles,’ said Ollie. ‘What about if we go outside and play snowballs? That might cheer you up.’

Everyone in the workshop, tried really hard to cheer Snuggles up.

‘What about if we go for a ride up in the magical sleigh?’ asked Santa.
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Santa knew, that everyone loved going for a ride up in the magical sleigh. It always made everyone happy.

‘Woof, woof...’ barked a little sad Snuggles, as he ran down the kitchen, and hid behind the door.

‘What could be wrong with Snuggles?’ asked Emilie. ‘it is very unusual for him to be sad.’

‘He can’t be hungry,’ said Mama. ‘He had a big lunch, full of puppy biscuits and treats.’
Woof, woof,’ came Snuggles little bark, from behind the door, ‘woof woof.’

Ollie scratched his head, and tapped his foot, trying to work out what could be wrong with Snuggles.

‘He keeps walking over to the washing machine,’ said Mama, ‘and has been sitting, watching all the washing, go round and around.’

‘Why would Snuggles, keep watching all the washing go around?’ said Santa. ‘That must be very boring for him.’

Snuggles came out from behind the door, and once again sat in front of the washing machine.

‘Woof, woof!’ barked Snuggles, as Mama started to lift all the clean washing, out of the machine.

‘What is it Snuggles?’ said Santa. ‘Do you like the smell of all the clean washing?’

Snuggles took one big jump, and jumped up into Mama’s arms, amongst all the wet washing.

‘Oh Snuggles,’ said Mama. ‘You will get lost in all the washing, if you’re not careful.’

All of a sudden, Snuggles jumped out of Mama’s arms, and started to jump up and down very excitedly.

‘Is that what you wanted Snuggles, your blankie all this time?’ said Mama, as Snuggles run around with it, hanging from his mouth.

Everybody laughed, as Snuggles ran off into the workshop, making sure that no one was going to take his blankie away again.

‘Oh that is so funny,’ laughed Mama. ‘I had to wash his little blankie, because it was covered in so much milk and chocolate.’

Everyone went into the workshop, to let Snuggles know that he could keep his blankie, although it was still very wet.

‘I can dry it for you Snuggles,’ said Mama. ‘I can get it dry in no time!’
Mama Image 03
There was no way that Snuggles was going to let anyone take his little blankie away from him, ever again.

Mama always made sure, that in the future, she washed his little blankie when he was fast asleep.

Snuggles loved his little blankie, and would always fill it with kisses, to blow up to the beautiful stars. In return they would twinkle back all their love, for puppies and children all over the world.
The End
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