Snowys Glowing Crystals
by Janet Clements on June 24th, 2016

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Everyone is playing Snowy’s favourite game in the North Pole today. He loves to hide his magic crystals in the snow, and have everyone try and find them! Will they find where Snowy’s hidden all the crystals?

Read on to find out what happens in the newest edition of Santa Fun Stories’.

Snowys Glowing Crystals

‘Are we going to have our usual fun night tonight, up on the mountain?’ asked Ollie, all excited.

‘I hope so,’ said Mama. ‘We must get ready soon, and go and meet Snowy.’

Once a week, everyone would go up to the top of the mountain, to play Snowy’s favourite game.

‘How many crystals do you think snowy is going to hide from us tonight?’ asked Ollie, as they all set off up the mountain.

‘I hope it’s a lot,’ said Emilie. ‘The more crystals Snowy hides from us, the more fun we all have.’

Snowy’s favourite game, was to hide his magical glowing crystals, deep in the snow, for everyone to find.

‘I love how Snowy’s crystals glow through the snow,’ said Santa. ‘It always makes our night so magical.’
Image 01 Santa
Snowys crystals weren’t just ordinary crystals, they were magical crystals. Each of them would glow the brightest colour when buried in the snow.

As everyone reached the top of the mountain, Mama said ‘I’m sure that mountain gets higher and higher, every time we come up here. Maybe next time, we should fly up in the magical sleigh.’

‘There you are Snowy!’ said Emilie. ‘We are all very excited, and can’t wait to play our magical game.’

‘The magic crystals are all in place,’ said Snowy. ‘I made sure they were all hidden, just before you got here.’

‘Oh this is so much fun,’ said Ollie, ‘can we start looking yet?’

‘Well go and collect your special crystal baskets,’ said Snowy, ‘and we can get started.’

Everyone picked up their special crystal baskets, and waited for Snowy to start the race.

‘Ready... Steady... Go!’ said Snowy.
Image 02 Snowy
Everyone ran off to find the magic crystals.

‘Here’s the first one!’ shouted Ollie, running towards a glowing green colour.

‘I’m winning, I’m winning!’ shouted an excited Ollie. ‘I’ve found the first crystal!’

Everyone was running around the mountain, trying to find the beautiful glowing crystals.

‘Well this is strange...’ shouted Santa to everyone. ‘I have found a pink glowing crystal under the snow, but there are two moving eyes next to it.’

Everyone ran over to Santa, to see what all the fuss was about.

‘Oh Santa,’ said Mama. ‘there are two little eyes peering straight at us!’

‘Maybe we should dig them up, and see who’s attached to them,’ said a concerned Ollie.

As Santa started to dig around the little eyes, a little fur body, started to move under the snow.

‘Oh look Santa, it’s a little bunny rabbit,’ said Ollie, as the bunny’s big ears popped out from the deep snow.
Image 03 Ollie
‘How did you get buried?’ asked Santa, as he picked the little bunny up to cuddle him.

‘Well,’ said the little bunny, ‘I was happily sitting, having my carrot lunch, when all of a sudden, I was buried under a shower of falling snow.’

Without Snowy realising, he had buried the little bunny, along with the beautiful pink glowing crystal.

Everybody laughed, as Ollie said to the little bunny, ‘We will have to name you Pinky.’

‘Come on Pinky,’ said Emilie. ‘Would you like to play our magical game with us? It’s so much fun!’

‘I would love to,’ said Pinky, hopping and jumping around in the snow.

Everyone ran around, collecting all the beautiful glowing crystals, from the snow.

Pinky was so happy. Not only had he collected the most crystals in his little pink basket, but he had gained a beautiful new family.
The End
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