Case of the Missing Sleigh
by Janet Clements on July 1st, 2016

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Is Santa losing his mind? Everytime Santa goes into his workshop, his sleigh seems to disappear. Is Santa going crazy, or is someone playing a prank on Santa?

Read on to find out what happens in the newest edition of Santa Fun Stories’.

Case of the Missing Sleigh

‘Well this is very strange...’ said Santa rubbing his beard, as he entered the workshop on Christmas Eve.

‘What is the matter Santa?’ asked Mama. ‘You are looking very confused.’

‘Well I have just come from the Sleigh Shed and the Magical Sleigh is nowhere to be seen.’

‘What do you mean?’ asked Mama. ‘The Magical Sleigh is too big to just disappear.’
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‘Well,’ said Santa. ‘I just went to decorate the Magical Sleigh, but as I opened the big wooden doors, the shed was empty. Completely, empty.’

‘Oh Santa,’ laughed Ollie. ‘Are you imagining things again? The shed can’t be empty!’

‘I do hope the Sleigh is there Santa,’ said Snowy. ‘It’s the most important night of the year, and we must have our Sleigh.’

Everyone thought they would go with Santa and have a look, as there was no way that the Magical Sleigh could just disappear.

‘I’m telling you,’ said Santa as they all walked around to the shed. ‘The Magical Sleigh is nowhere to be seen.’

‘Can I open the magical doors?’ asked Ollie. ‘I love pressing the special star that opens the big doors.’

As Ollie pressed the special star, the doors began to open up wide.

‘Well,’ said Mama. ‘I don’t know about everyone else, but I can see a big Magical Sleigh sitting right there.’

‘Oh Santa, are you playing tricks on us?’ asked Emilie laughing. ‘I just think you wanted us to come and have a look at the beautiful sleigh on Christmas Eve.’

‘But, but...’ said Santa mumbling. ‘The Sleigh wasn’t in here a moment ago...’

Once again Santa rubbed his beard, and looked very confused.
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‘Why don’t you come back to the workshop Santa, and we can have some nice hot milk and marshmallows,’ said Mama.

As everyone headed back to the workshop, Santa was still mumbling away to himself and couldn’t work out how the missing Sleigh had appeared again.

As everyone sat around the kitchen table for their mid morning snack, Mama made the most delicious hot milk and marshmallows for everyone.

‘That was delicious,’ said Santa wiping all the crumbs away from his beard. ‘I’ll get ready and head on back to the Sleigh Shed now.’

As Santa reached the Sleigh Shed, he pressed the special star and waited for the doors to open.

‘I can’t believe it,’ said Santa shaking his head in disbelief, as the doors opened.

‘But, but...’ said Santa mumbling again. ‘How can this be?’

The beautiful, Magical Sleigh was nowhere to be seen, and the shed was empty once again.

‘Is someone playing a trick on me?’ Santa asked himself. ‘That’s it! It must be someone playing a trick.’

All of a sudden, Santa heard giggles from behind the shed.

‘I know what I will do,’ thought Santa. ‘I’ll creep around to the back of the shed and see who’s up to mischief.’

Very quietly and on tiptoe so no one could hear him, Santa crept around to the back of the shed.

‘I’ve caught you!’ shouted Santa, as he sprang from the side of the shed, expecting to see someone.

Santa stood in amazement, as there was no one to be seen.

‘Well this is going to be a long day,’ thought Santa. ‘We must find the missing sleigh, as it’s Christmas Eve and I have to deliver presents to children all over the world!’

 ‘Wake up Santa! Wake up!’ shouted an excited Ollie and Emilie.
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‘What’s going on, what’s going on?’ said a dazed startled Santa, sitting up in bed.

‘It’s Christmas Eve Santa, and you need to wake up!’ said Ollie and Emilie jumping all over him in bed.

‘You mean to say I have been asleep and dreaming all this time?’ asked Santa.

‘Oh Santa,’ said Emilie. ‘You have been talking in your sleep about a missing sleigh. You have been so funny.’

‘If you look out of your window Santa,’ said Ollie, ‘we have a surprise for you...’

As Santa looked out of his snowy window, everyone had surprised him. They had decorated the Magical Sleigh ready for him and Rudolph to travel around the world for all the children.
the end
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