Ollie's Brand New Sled
by Janet Clements on July 8th, 2016

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Ollie has been missing all day. The workshop is always so quiet without him! Ollie has been outside all day, because he has a brand new sled! He challenges Santa to a race...

Read on to find out what happens in the newest edition of Santa Fun Stories’.

Ollie's Brand New Sled

‘Has anyone seen Ollie?’ asked Emilie. ’It’s very quiet in the workshop without him.’

‘He hasn’t been around all day,’ said Mama. ’He even missed his favourite lunch, which is very unusual for him.’

Ollie was so excited, and had been outside in the snow all day, playing with his brand new sled.

‘There you are Ollie,’ said Santa, ‘I’ve been looking for you everywhere!’
Santa Image 01
‘Look Santa, look at my brand new sled!’ said Ollie. ’Look how colourful and big it is, I’m so excited.’

‘Oh Ollie,’ said Santa laughing. ’It’s so big, I don’t think we'll ever lose you on that sled.’

‘It’s super shiny,’ said Ollie, holding the sled up for Santa to look.

‘I bet it glides through the snow super quick,’ said Ollie, as he showed Santa all the beautiful drawings and colours, that were painted on.

‘If you go and collect your sled Santa,’ said Ollie, ‘we can race down the mountain, and see how fast my new sled goes.’

Santa went off to collect his sled, and both Ollie and Santa got ready to race down the mountain.

‘One... two... three!’ shouted Ollie, and with that they were soon racing down the highest mountain.
Ollie Image 02
Ollie’s new sled was a very magical sled. When the bright lights and colours flashed, it went double the speed.

‘I’ve won, I’ve won!’ cheered an excited Ollie, as he reached the bottom of the mountain in no time.

Ollie looked back and laughed at Santa, as he was still only halfway down the mountain.

‘Come on Santa!’ shouted Ollie. ‘You’re so slow, what’s keeping you?’

‘Cheeky!’ shouted Santa.

As Santa reached the bottom of the mountain, Ollie and Santa looked over Ollie’s new sled.

‘I wonder what made the lights start flashing?’ asked Santa, holding up the new sled.

‘I don’t know.’ said Ollie, ‘but whatever it was, it was magical. I love my new magic sled.’
The End
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