Santa's Perfect Day
by Janet Clements on July 15th, 2016

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Santa loved making people happy and putting smiles on peoples faces. The workshop is always such a loving place full of lots of kisses and cuddles. Why is today such a special day for Santa?

Read on to find out what happens in the newest edition of Santa Fun Stories’.

Santa's Perfect Day

Everyday was always, a very busy and happy day, up in the North Pole.

Everyone was always happy and smiling. This is what made the workshop, a very special place.

‘Ho Ho Ho,’ said Santa, as he entered the workshop. ‘How is everyone on this beautiful, happy morning?’
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Santa was always the happiest Santa, first thing in the morning. He always greeted everyone with the biggest smile and cuddle.

‘We love you Santa,’ said Ollie, as he ran towards Santa with his arms opened. ‘You are the best Santa ever, and I love you so much.’

‘Well good morning little Ollie,’ said Santa, as he picked him up to cuddle him. ‘You smell nice and clean, and seem full of fun.’

‘I am!’ said Ollie. ‘I have been waiting for you to arrive Santa, to share all my love with you.’

‘Oh Ollie,’ said Emilie. ‘You are the cutest little elf, always making sure everyone feels so loved.’

In the workshop, there were always lots of kisses and cuddles throughout the day. It was such a loving workshop.

‘Would you all like to come and get your breakfast now, that santa is here?’ asked Mama from the kitchen.

Every morning, Mama would cook everyone the most delicious breakfast, full of pancakes and waffles and coated in the most delicious sauces and cream.

‘This is delicious!’ said Rudolph with a mouth full of waffles. ‘You always make the most mouth watering breakfast!’ leaning over to give Mama a big waffle kiss.
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‘The day couldn’t start off any better for me,’ said Santa. ‘Everyone together, and having the most delicious breakfast around Mama’s kitchen table.’

Santa always had such a big heart, and was always happy when everyone else was happy.

He loved that everyone was always so kind, and always made sure, that he gave everyone lots of kisses and cuddles throughout the day.

‘Oh Santa,’ said Rudolph. ‘I think that you should spread your loving, to children all over the world.’

‘What a beautiful idea,’ said Emilie, jumping up and down with excitement.

‘Oh Santa, that would be just perfect,’ said Ollie.
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That day, became a very special day up in the North Pole for Santa. It was a day, when a very special wish was sprinkled on children all over the world.

‘Now that you have sprinkled every child with a magical wish,’ said Ollie, ‘what did you wish for them?’

‘My wish,’ said Santa, ‘is for every child to be happy, and wish that they share their kisses and cuddles, to other children all over the world.'

‘Oh that is beautiful,’ said Mama. ‘What a perfect day this is.’

‘Yes Mama,’ said Santa. ‘It is a perfect day.’
The End
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