Emilie's Golden Hair
by Janet Clements on July 22nd, 2016

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Ollie was always full of mischief… Every morning he would wander into Emilie’s bedroom and jump all over poor Emilie. Although Ollie could be rather annoying, he was just always so excited. He couldn’t wait to brush Emilie’s magical golden hair!

Read on to find out what happens in the newest edition of Santa Fun Stories’.

Emilie's Golden Hair

‘Good morning!’ said a loud Ollie, as he ran into Emilie’s bedroom.

‘What time do you call this Ollie?’ said Emilie, as she peered sleepy eyed from under the covers.

‘Come on Emilie,’ said Ollie. ‘It’s time to get up,’ pulling the covers from Emilie’s bed.

Every morning Ollie would always be full of mischief, jumping all over poor Emilie, while she laid in bed.

‘Leave me alone Ollie and come back later,’ said Emilie. ‘A girl has to get her beauty sleep, you know.’
Image 01 Emilie
‘Come on,’ said Ollie. ‘We have to brush your golden hair this morning. I have your magic brush all ready.’

‘Oh, Ollie! You have to be the most annoying little Elf in all the North Pole,’ said Emilie laughing and stretching her arms above her head.

As Emilie’s feet touched the floor, her toes felt the lovely soft slippers, that Ollie had placed there for her.

‘Oh Ollie, you are not only the most annoying elf in all the North Pole, but also the kindest,’ said Emilie. ‘Thank you so much.’

‘Your chair awaits you, Madam,’ said Ollie, pulling the dressing table chair out for her to sit down.

Emilie felt very special, and sat herself down in front of the dressing table mirror.

‘Can I brush your hair this morning?’ asked an excited Ollie, ‘I love watching your hair grow and grow.’

As Ollie brushed Emilie’s golden hair, he watched every stroke make Emilie’s hair grow longer and longer.

‘I will have to stop brushing your hair Emilie,’ said Ollie. ‘It’s getting so long, it’s taking up your bedroom!’

Ollie and Emilie held hands and ran over to the window, trying not to get entangled in all the golden hair.
Image 02 Ollie Emilie
‘Here,’ said Ollie, collecting all Emilie’s hair up from the floor. ‘Let me do this for you Emilie.’

As Ollie threw Emilie’s long hair out of the window, the mountains were covered in a sheet of golden blonde hair.  

‘Look Ollie, here they come,’ said Emilie pointing towards the mountains.

Every morning, all the animals, would gather from everywhere, and sit on Emilie’s hair, waiting for their magical ride.

‘Shall we pull your hair in now?’ asked Ollie all excited, ‘I think all the animals are ready.’

As Ollie and Emilie pulled her beautiful golden hair back into the window, the animals stepped off one by one into Emilie’s bedroom.

Emilie’s bedroom was soon filled with the sweetest little animals, who all wished Ollie and Emilie a good morning.

‘I have a little treat for each of you this morning,’ said Emilie, as they all snuggled into their snuggly blankets.

The night before, Emilie had been very kind and collected lots of cookies, cupcakes and candies from Mama’s bakery for them all to have a delicious breakfast.

‘Oh this is so much fun,’ said Ollie, as they watched all the animals tuck into their breakfast.
Image 03 Ollie Rudolph Emilie
As Ollie and Emilie snuggled down with all the animals, Ollie told Emilie how much he loved her for being such a kind elf.

‘You are the kindest sweetest elf Emilie and I love you so much,’ said Ollie.

‘Awwww Ollie, I love you too,’ said Emilie. ‘You are the best elf in all the world.’
The End
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​Santa has a very long journey coming up soon. He’s got to set out and deliver all the presents to the good boys and girls around the world! The Elves have decided that we need to help him, and collect lots of cookies for him, so he doesn’t get hungry on his journey. You can’t fly around the world on an empty stomach! Will you help collect the cookies for Santa?

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