Little Baby Ollie Pops
by Janet Clements on July 29th, 2016

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Ollie absolutely loves stories. Every night before bed, Mama reads to him. He always wants to hear the same story because he loves it so much! To no surprise, Ollie loves it so much because the story is about him! He’s such a cheeky little elf...

Read on to find out what happens in the newest edition of Santa Fun Stories’.

Little Baby Ollie Pops

When Ollie was born, he was the cutest little elf. He had the most adorable, big blue eyes, and the cutest little button nose.

As Ollie got older, Mama would always tell him bedtime stories of when he was first born.

‘Mama, can I have my usual bedtime story tonight? Of when I was first born?’ asked Ollie. ‘I love hearing how cute I was when I was a baby,’ he giggled.

‘Oh Ollie, you’re funny,’ said Mama, tapping him on the nose. ‘You are still the cutest little elf, with your big blue eyes and little button nose. If you snuggle under your covers, I’ll get the book out, and begin...’

Once upon a time, up in the North Pole, everything was very quiet. The only noise that anyone could hear, were the beautiful birds singing with each other, on Mama and Santa’s pretty window ledge.

One morning, everything changed… A little baby elf was born.

He was the most adorable little baby elf, with the biggest blue eyes and the cutest button nose.

‘That’s me Mama! That’s me!’ said an excited Ollie, jumping up in bed.
Image 01 Mama Ollie
‘Yes I know,’ said Mama laughing. ‘Now settle back down Ollie, while I finish the story.’

Ollie was no ordinary little elf, he was a very special little elf. Everyone soon found out while he was so special...

When he was hungry, everyone would know about it. Ollie would scream at the top of his voice and frighten all the animals. They would cover their ears, and run into their deep holes in the ground.

‘I sound so funny!’ said Ollie laughing. ‘I love this story, carry on Mama.’

Baby Ollie was a good baby, but as soon as he started to crawl, he would get up to mischief.

‘Has anyone seen baby Ollie?’ asked Santa. ‘I can’t find him. I’ve looked everywhere for him.’
Image 02 Ollie Santa
Everyone started looking for little Ollie, and wondered where he could of got to.

It shouldn’t have been so hard to find Ollie. He was dressed in his red and white stripy suit, with a little bell attached to his diaper.

Mama always attached a little bell to his diaper. When he went crawling, the bell rang every time his little bottom wiggled.

No one could find baby Ollie. They knew he would come out from hiding soon though, as he was always hungry, and would want some nibbles.

‘That’s funny,’ said Santa. ‘I really thought he would be out by now. Everything seems to be very quiet. Too quiet...’

Everyone knew that baby Ollie had to be causing some mischief, since he was nowhere to be seen and very quiet.

‘Ollie! Ollie!’ shouted everyone, ‘where are you Ollie?’

‘Oh Mama this is the exciting bit!’ said Ollie sitting up in his bed. ‘Can I sit on your lap while you finish the story?’

Ollie climbed onto Mama’s lap and looked at all the funny pictures of himself in the book, while she carried on with the story.

‘There he is!’ said Santa pointing at the kitchen cupboard, on the floor. ‘I can see his little bell hanging out of the door.’

As they opened the cupboard door, it was full of yummy jam pop tarts and Ollie in the middle covered in strawberry jam. You couldn’t see Ollie’s face for the red jam, it was everywhere.

As they opened the cupboard door, yummy jam pop tarts spilled out everywhere, and baby Ollie was sat in the middle of them, covered in strawberry jam. He had so much jam on his face, you couldn’t even see his little button nose.

‘Oh Ollie!’ laughed Santa. ‘Looks like you have been having lots of fun in here, with all the jam pop tarts!’

From that day on, little Ollie’s name changed from Ollie, to Ollie Pops.

‘Did I really do that Mama?’ asked Ollie, with big eyes.
The End
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