Baby Emilie's Little Pink Dress
by Janet Clements on August 5th, 2016

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Poor Ollie has lost his best friend Emilie, he can’t find her anywhere. What Ollie doesn’t know is that Emilie and Mama are out shopping for a sparkly pink dress to wear for a big surprise party they are planning for Ollie!

Read on to find out what happens in the newest edition of Santa Fun Stories’.

​Baby Emilie’s Little Pink Dress

‘Emilie, Emilie,’ called Ollie Pops, as he crawled around the workshop looking for baby Emilie.

‘Has anyone seen Emilie?’ asked Ollie, as he tugged at Santa’s trousers.

‘Oh Ollie Pops,’ laughed Santa. ‘Have you lost your friend? I’m sure she can’t be far.’

Ollie loved Emilie and they would always crawl around together, getting up to mischief throughout the day.

‘I give up,’ said a disheartened Ollie as he sat on the floor in his baby suit. ‘It’s no fun without Emilie.’
Image 01 Ollie
‘I’m sure she will turn up very soon,’ said Santa. ‘Why don’t you come up here and help me make all these fun toys?’

Santa hadn’t let onto Ollie, but he secretly knew where Emilie was. Mama had taken Baby Emilie shopping. They had gone to buy a beautiful pink dress to surprise everyone for the special party night that was coming up.

‘There you are,’ said Ollie Pops bouncing up and down with excitement, as Mama and Emilie came through the door. ‘Where have you been?’

‘It’s a secret,’ said Emilie giggling in her little pushchair. ‘I will tell you real soon Ollie.’

Emilie climbed out of her pushchair and crawled over to give Ollie Pops a big kiss.

‘Did you manage to get her little pink dress for the party, Mama?' whispered Santa.

‘Yes I did,’ whispered Mama. ‘She looks like a little princess.’
Image 02 Emilie Mama
Ollie had no idea that everyone was arranging a party for him, for being such a good little elf.

‘When is the party Mama?’ whispered Emilie, so Ollie couldn’t hear.

‘It is on Saturday night,’ whispered Mama. ‘I can’t wait for everyone to see your new pink dress.’
Saturday morning arrived and everyone was very excited, getting everything ready for the surprise party. Everyone had been very busy all day, blowing up balloons and baking cakes for Ollie’s big surprise.

‘Here he comes, here he comes!’ said Emilie, peeking through the kitchen doors.

As Ollie wiggled and crawled through the big doors, he was greeted by a twinkling of sparkly diamonds from Emilie’s dress.

‘Oh Emilie!’ gasped Ollie.  ‘You look so pretty in your sparkly dress. There’s sparkles everywhere!’

Ollie loved his surprise party and everyone had the most exciting time.
Image 03 Ollie
As bedtime drew near, holding his little milk bottle as a microphone, he crawled up onto the table to make a special speech.

‘Thank you Santa, Mama, Rudolph and Snowy for giving me such an exciting party. You have all made me feel so special, it has been so much fun.’

As Ollie turned around to sparkly Emilie, he blew her a beautiful baby kiss.

‘My biggest thank you goes to my best friend Emilie, who looked like a beautiful princess in her new dress.
The End
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