Baby Ollie's First Tooth
by Janet Clements on August 12th, 2016

Baby Ollie

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Baby Ollie
We’re back in the North Pole again this week, and little Baby Ollie Pops has been keeping Mama Claus and Santa awake all night. He’s so excited, because he can’t wait for his first tooth to come through! Will this be the night it finally comes through?

Read on to find out what happens in the newest edition of Santa Fun Stories’!

Baby Ollie's First Tooth

‘I hope Ollie Pops sleep’s through tonight, so we can get some sleep,’ said Santa crawling into bed.

‘Oh I hope so,’ said Mama. ‘We can’t go another night without sleep, I’m beginning to get very tired.’

Baby Ollie Pops was just about to experience, having his first little tooth come through, and he was very excited.

‘Do you think it’s going to come through tonight Mama?’ asked Ollie, jumping up and down in his little cot.
‘Well if you go to sleep, real fast Ollie,’ said Mama, ‘it might be there by the morning.’

Mama was really hoping that Ollie would go straight to sleep. Little Ollie wasn’t having any of it, he was wide awake and waiting for his little tooth to come through.

‘But Mama,’ said Ollie. ‘If my little tooth comes through in the middle of the night and I am asleep, then I will miss it!’

‘Whats all the noise and excitement in here?’ asked Santa, as he entered Ollie’s nursery.

Ollie started to jump up and down with excitement again and told Santa, that his baby tooth was about to come through.

‘Has my baby tooth come through yet?’ asked Ollie, as he held his mouth wide open to Santa.

‘Oh Ollie,’ said Santa. ‘All I can see, is a little mouth full of pink gums.’

‘Do you know Santa, when I get my first tooth through,’ said Ollie, ‘I will be all grown up. I will be big and strong just like you.’

Santa laughed to himself and agreed with Ollie.

‘So shall we all settle down now?’ asked Mama. ‘I have put your little night light on Ollie, so you will see all the stars twinkling around your room.’

‘Okay if we must,’ said Ollie as he started to get sleepy, sucking his tiny thumb.

‘Snuggle up with your little blankie and we will see you in the morning,’ said Mama. ‘Good night Ollie Pops.’
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As Ollie started to fall asleep, Santa and Mama crept very quietly out of Ollie’s nursery.

‘At least we are going to get some sleep tonight,’ said Mama. ‘Ollie has fallen straight to sleep.’

‘Let’s hope his little tooth is through by the morning,’ said Santa. ‘He will be very happy’.

‘Ollie’s little night light is very bright tonight,’ said Mama. ‘Shall we go and turn the brightness down, just incase it wakes him up?’

As they both entered Ollie’s nursery, looking down on Ollie, was the most beautiful pink fairy surrounded in the brightest light.

‘Look Santa,’ said Mama. ‘She is holding a tiny white tooth.’

With the softest of touch, the beautiful fairy placed the tiny tooth into Ollie’s little mouth, sprinkling him with a pinch of fairydust, to keep him safe. As the fairy blew Ollie a kiss, she disappeared into the swirl of the bright light.

‘Mama! Santa!’ shouted a tiny voice from under the blankie. ‘My tooth is through! My tooth is through!’ shouted an excited Ollie. ‘Look in my mouth Santa, I can feel my baby tooth!’ he said with his little mouth open wide.
Baby Ollie Image 01
‘This is going to be a long night Santa,’ said Mama, but as they turned around, Ollie had fallen straight back to sleep.

‘At least he has got his little tooth through now and has seen it,’ said Santa.

Santa and Mama went straight off to sleep, knowing that little Ollie was the happiest baby ever.
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