Baby Rudolph's Magical Hoof
by Janet Clements on August 19th, 2016

Baby Rudolph

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Baby Rudolph is about to have his first flying lesson with Santa today, but he’s a little nervous. He’s never flown before, and he’s not sure he’ll be able to get off the ground. Baby Ollie Pops comes along for support, and to help Rudolph if he gets stuck. Will Rudolph be able to fly today?

Read on to find out what happens in the newest edition of Santa Fun Stories’!

​Baby Rudolph’s Magical Hoof

When Rudolph was first born, he was the most adorable little calf, that anyone had ever seen. His little body was full of extra soft hair and he had the cutest little ears and baby antlers.

‘Are you ready for your first flying lesson Rudolph?’ asked Ollie Pops. ‘I think you’ll be good at it!’

‘I think so...’ said Rudolph, ‘but I’m a little nervous.’

That morning, Santa had arranged to meet Rudolph up on the mountains, to give him his very first flying lesson.

‘There you are, young Rudolph,’ said Santa. ‘Aww, we also have Ollie Pops up here as well. This is going to be lots of fun.’

‘Can I sit on Rudolph’s back, Santa? asked Ollie Pops, trying to pull his little baby body up onto Rudolph.
Baby Ollie Pops Image
‘Oh Ollie,’ said Santa laughing. ‘You are the cutest baby elf, but I think you’ll want to stay on the ground while Rudolph is practising. Let’s begin,’ said Santa. ‘Are you ready Rudolph?’

Rudolph placed himself in position, with his little right hoof out in front.

‘On the count of three,’ said Santa, ‘you run as fast as you can and take off, flying into the sky. Ready? One... Two... Three!’

Rudolph started to run, as fast as his little hoofs would take him.

‘Take off! Take off now!’ shouted Santa, but Rudolph’s little legs just parted and he came to a sudden halt, with his little nose buried deep in the snow.

Ollie Pops started laughing so much, he tipped over on his side. ‘‘Your nose looks like a big snowball Rudolph.’

Rudolph wasn’t amused and shook his head, to shake all the snow from his nose.

‘It’s snowing! It’s snowing!’ shouted Ollie Pops, as the snow fell all around him.

‘Oh Ollie,’ said Santa smirking. ‘It’s just Rudolph shaking the snow off his nose. Come on Rudolph, you can do it. Shall we try again?’

Rudolph went back to the start line and placed his little right hoof, in front of him once again.

‘Okay,’ said Santa, ‘on the count of three, we’ll try again. One... Two... Three!’
Santa Claus Image 01
Rudolph didn’t move an inch, he was still standing firmly in the snow.

‘You’re supposed to run Rudolph!’ said Ollie Pops.

‘What’s up Rudolph?’ asked Santa concerned. ‘Why aren’t you running?’

All of a sudden, Rudolph’s little hoof started to move. It made three stomps in the snow, and Rudolph took off, high into the sky.

‘There you go!’’ shouted an excited Ollie Pops.

‘You’re flying, you’ve done it!’ shouted an excited Santa from the ground. ‘Don’t forget to come back down when you’re ready.’
Santa Claus Image 02
Rudolph loved that he could fly and came back down to collect Ollie. Santa sat Ollie Pops on Rudolph’s back and Ollie held on very tight.

‘I don’t think you have to count to three anymore,’ said Rudolph. ‘All I have to do is stomp my magic hoof three times, and away I fly.’

‘Can we go now?’ asked Ollie Pops all excited, holding on for his special ride.

As Rudolph stomped his magical little hoof three times, he and Ollie were whisked away, to the twinkling stars, to fly all over the sky.
The End Image
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That is a good story I love santa and his elfes
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