Baby Ollie's Lost Blankie
by Janet Clements on August 26th, 2016

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Ollie has had a very busy day playing with his toys, he hasn’t stopped crawling all day. He’s been so busy playing that he didn’t even notice it was nearly bedtime. Once Ollie gets all snuggled up in bed, he realizes that he’s lost his Blankie. Will Mama be able to find it for him?

Read on to find out what happens in the newest edition of Santa Fun Stories’!

​Baby Ollie’s Lost Blankie

Little baby Ollie Pops, had a very busy day up in the workshop. He had been crawling around all day and getting up to lots of baby mischief.

‘It’s nearly your bedtime Ollie,’ said Mama Claus. ‘Can you start getting all your toys together?’

‘Okay Mama,’ said Ollie Pops.
Image 01 Mama
Going to bedtime for Ollie, was like packing to go on holiday. He would always want to take everything to bed with him.

‘Have you got enough there Ollie?’ laughed Mama, as she walked over to pick him up.

She could barely see Ollie, amongst all his toys and teddies that he was taking to bed with him.
As Mama struggled to Ollie’s bedroom, she was weighed down with all of Ollie’s teddies, cars and toys that he insisted had to come to bed with him.

‘Oh Ollie Pops,’ said Mama, as she tucked him into bed, and gave him a goodnight kiss. ‘I can just about see you, in between all of those toys.’

‘Have you got my blankie Mama?’ asked a sleepy little Ollie Pops, popping his head out from under the covers.

‘Didn’t you bring it to bed with you?’ asked Mama. ‘You’re never without your special blankie.’

‘I need my blankie Mama,’ said Ollie Pops, pulling himself up with the cot bars. ‘I won’t sleep without it!’

‘Oh Ollie Pops,’ giggled Mama. ‘Shall we go and find it?’
Image 02 Mama
Mama picked Ollie Pops up and they went to look for Ollie’s little blankie.

‘Do you know where you left it?’ asked Mama.

‘No...’ said a tired Ollie snuggling into Mama and sucking his little thumb. ‘It could be anywhere.’

Mama and Ollie looked everywhere, but Ollie’s little blankie was nowhere to be seen. It seemed the little blankie had vanished into thin air.

‘We’re never going to find it!’ said Ollie sadly. ‘I am so tired.’

Mama laid Ollie on the sofa and told him to stay there, while she went to look for the blankie.

Mama searched and searched. She first looked in the bakery. She looked under all of the pots and pans, but she didn’t find the blankie. She even looked in the cookie jar, but it wasn’t in there either.

Next, she checked the workshop. She looked under every table, and in every draw, but still, the blankie didn’t want to be found.

‘I wonder where Ollie could of left it?’ wondered Mama. ‘It can’t be too far, he hasn’t been out today.’
Image 03 Mama
Mama continued looking everywhere for Ollie’s blankie.

After Mama had checked everywhere she could think of, she thought ‘Ollie is very quiet, I’d better go check on him and make sure he’s okay.’

As Mama entered the living room, little Ollie Pops had fallen fast asleep, with his little bottom hanging off the edge of the sofa.

‘Oh Ollie Pops,’ laughed Mama to herself.

Hanging out of Ollie’s red and white striped pyjama pocket, on his bottom, was his little blankie. Ollie’s blankie, had been in his pocket all this time.
The End
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