Emilie's New Pram
by Janet Clements on September 2nd, 2016

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Emilie has been treated to a brand new doll’s pram for Christmas and she absolutely loves it. She’s been searching around trying to find someone to play with her. Will she be able to find anyone?

Read on to find out what happens in the newest edition of Santa Fun Stories’!

Emilie's New Pram

‘Would anyone like to play with me today?’ asked Emilie, as she skipped through the workshop, playing with her new doll’s pram.

For Christmas, Santa and Mama had treated Emilie, to the most beautiful dolls pram that she had ever seen.

‘What about you Ollie Pops?’ asked Emilie, as he was trying to crawl under the workbench to hide from her. ‘Would you like to play with me? I hope you’re not trying to hide from me under there.’

‘If I must Emilie,’ said Ollie Pops, crawling out.
‘Oh Ollie Pops, you are the cutest little baby elf ever!’ said Emilie as she tucked Ollie under the blanket in the pram. ‘This is going to be the best day ever.’

As Emilie ran down the workshop, the beautiful wooden doors opened wide up. Outside you could see the beautiful sky, filled with the fluffiest pink and blue clouds.

‘Uh oh! Hold on tight Ollie, I can’t stop!’ shouted Emilie. ‘The pram is going to fast! Help!’

As Ollie peered over the pram, the pram wheels were spinning, and creating the most beautiful colours.

‘Oh Ollie! Hold on! Help!’ screamed Emilie.
As the magical pram reached the open wooden doors, the wheels lifted up and flew Ollie and Emilie off, high into the sky.

‘We’re flying! We’re flying!’ giggled Emilie. ‘How exciting is this Ollie Pops?’

As the pram flew higher and higher, Emilie and Ollie watched, as the fluffy pink and blue clouds, glided them through the magical sky.

‘Yum yum,’ said Emilie, as she nibbled away at the yummy clouds. ‘This taste’s just like candyfloss Ollie, you should try some.’

As Ollie reached out of the pram for the yummy candyfloss, the pram tipped over, throwing Ollie out into the sky.

‘Ollieeeeeeee!’ shouted Emilie, as Ollie was falling fast.

All of a sudden the fluffy clouds surrounded Ollie, making a bed of fluffy candyfloss for him to fall into.

‘Oh Ollie,’ said Emilie. ‘You gave me a freight then, but I see you landed in the candyfloss.’

Ollie was having the best time ever, munching away on the blue and pink candyfloss.
‘Oh Ollie, you are so funny,’ laughed Emile.

The next time Emilie looked over, she saw that Ollie had snuggled himself into the fluffiest candyfloss cloud and had fallen fast asleep.

‘Sweet dreams Ollie Pops.’ said Emilie.
The End
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