Baby Ollie's Star Shoes
by Janet Clements on September 9th, 2016

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Mama has a special present for little baby Ollie today. Although before he can get his special present, he must first get washed and dressed like a good little elf, once he wakes up from his lovely sleep.

Read on to find out what happens in the newest edition of Santa Fun Stories’!

Baby Ollie's Star Shoes

‘Good morning Ollie Pops! How are you this morning?’ asked Mama as she entered Ollie’s bedroom.

Ollie was just waking up from his sleep, where he had been dreaming about all the fun things in his little life.

‘Are you ready to get washed and dressed Ollie?’ asked Mama. ‘I have a very special present for you today.’

‘A present Mama?’ asked an excited Ollie.
Image 01 Baby Ollie
‘As soon as you get washed and dressed like a good little elf,’ said Mama, ‘then you can have your present.’

Ollie Pops started to bounce up and down on his bottom, he was so excited. Mama lifted Ollie out of his cot and quickly got him washed and dressed.

‘Here you are Ollie,’ said Mama as she gave him a little white box, decorated with shiny stars.

As Mama helped Ollie open the little box he saw the most tiniest little pair of shoes.

‘Shoes!’ said Ollie Pops.

Ollie’s little shoes were very colourful. They were made of yellow, red and blue material and covered in little shiny stars. Ollie was so excited, he rolled onto his back and stuck his little feet into the air.

‘I take it, you would you like to wear them now?’ laughed Mama.
Image 02 Mama
Attached to the ends of each of Ollie’s little shoes, were two very special stars that turned around. These two stars were very magical and would reflect beautiful colours of the rainbow all around Ollie’s bedroom.

‘Your new little shoes are very magical, Ollie,’ said Mama. ‘Under each of the stars, are two tiny magical keys. Would you like to hear the story about the magical keys?’

‘Yes please!’ said Ollie Pops.

‘Okay, well snuggle into me and I’ll tell you,’ said Mama as she picked him and sat him on her lap. ‘Once upon a time…’

As Mama started to tell Ollie the story of the magical keys, she noticed he had fallen fast asleep in her arms. All the excitement had worn little Ollie out.

‘Oh Ollie Pops,’ laughed Mama, as she laid him back in his cot.
Image 03 Mama
​As Mama kissed Ollie on his tiny cheek, she whispered ‘As soon as you wake up, I’ll tell you the rest of the little magical keys story. Sweet dreams Ollie Pops.’
The End
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