The Two Magical Keys
by Janet Clements on September 16th, 2016

The Two Magical Keys

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This week, Mama continues telling Ollie Pops the story of the two little magical keys, after he fell asleep before Mama could finish last week. What will happen in the story, and what are these two magical keys for?

Read on to find out in the newest edition of Santa Fun Stories’!

The Two Magical Keys

‘Hello Ollie Pops,’ said Mama reaching over the cot to give him a big kiss. ‘Have you had a nice sleep?’

‘Yep!’ Ollie said while nodding his head, giving a big yawn and stretching his arms above his head.

‘You are the cutest little elf Ollie,’ laughed Mama. ‘I started to tell you the story about the two little magical keys, and you fell fast asleep.’
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Just before Ollie had fallen asleep, Mama had given him a beautiful present. They were the tiniest little pair of magical shoes.

‘Would you like me to start the story once again, now you are awake?’ asked Mama.

Ollie nodded his head and snuggled back under the covers, to listen to his story.

‘I shall begin...’ said Mama.
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Once upon a time, there was a little baby elf called Ollie Pops.

One day, Mama gave Ollie Pops a very special present. This was no ordinary present, but a very magical present.

As Mama helped Ollie Pops open the little white box that was decorated in shiny stars, he saw the tiniest little pair of shoes.

Ollie’s little shoes were very colourful. They were made of yellow, red and blue material and covered in little shiny stars. Ollie was so excited, he rolled onto his back and stuck his little feet into the air for Mama to put them on him.

Attached to the ends of each of Ollie’s shoes, were two very special stars that turned around. These two stars were very magical and as they turned, they would reflect beautiful colours of the rainbow where ever Ollie went.

Every morning, Ollie would sit comfortably in his little rocking chair next to his window.  His little legs would be stretched out and his shoes facing out towards the window.  He would love nothing more than to watch all the colours of the rainbow, reflect from his shoes over all the beautiful mountains.

As the colours swirled around the white snowy mountains, Ollie would watch, as all the animals would gather together and move towards the rainbow colours, which were coming from Ollie’s bedroom window.

As they reached Ollies window, they would all say a special good morning to Ollie Pops and blow kisses to him through the window. Everybody loved baby Ollie Pops.

‘Good morning little Ollie Pops,’ said Charlie the Squirrel, jumping through Ollie's bedroom window wiggling his brown bushy tail.

‘How are you this morning little Ollie?’ asked Charlie. ‘I’ve come to collect the magical keys from you.’

Ollie lifted his little legs up, and stuck his shoes out, so Charlie could remove the magical keys from Ollie’s shoes.
Baby Ollie Pops Image
Under each of the moving stars were two little silver keys.

‘Thank you Ollie!’ said Charlie. ‘I can go and open the two magical doors now.’

Ollie Pops started to get very excited, as he watched all the animals follow Charlie the Squirrel to the two magical doors, just outside his window.

As the big doors opened, Ollie watched, as the most beautiful white horses and very large carriages flew out of the workshop and lined up in front of all the animals.

One by one the animals climbed onto the beautiful white carriages and were flown high  around the North Pole, giving them all a magical treat.

As Ollie waved and to all his lovely friends, he would snuggle down under his blanket and fall fast asleep for his little morning nap.
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