Baby Ollie's Shampoo Bubble
by Janet Clements on September 23rd, 2016

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Ollie is so excited when his magical hair bubble comes to visit him leaving him a bathroom full of magical surprises.

Read on to find out what happens in the newest edition of Santa Fun Stories’!

​Baby Ollie’s Shampoo Bubble

Every sunday evening just before Ollie’s bath time, he would get very excited, as he knew his little shampoo bubble would come to visit him while he was in the bath.

As Ollie sat playing in the bath with all his toys, the little hair bubble would float down, and sit itself over Ollie’s little curl.

‘Mama!' said an excited Ollie, pointing up towards the floating bubble, while his little feet splashing with excitement.

'Oh Ollie’, laughed Mama. 'It’s your little shampoo bubble come to see you.'
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As the shampoo bubble placed itself on the top of Ollie’s head, it covered his one little brown curl, ready for it’s wash.

'Oh Ollie Pops,' said Mama laughing. 'You are the cutest little elf and you look adorable, with your little shampoo bubble sat on top of your head.’

As Ollie sat and splashed around in the bath, the magical shampoo bubble would get to work, shampooing and cleaning Ollie’s little curl.

Ollie would get very ticklish as the bubble would start to spin, filling itself with baby shampoo and tiny little bubbles, making Ollie’s little curl super clean.

'Mama, look!' said Ollie looking up towards the ceiling.
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There were little bubbles everywhere. The more the magical bubble turned around, cleaning Ollie’s hair, the more bubbles would start to appear. Eventually they were filling the bathroom with tiny bubbles.

'Make lots of special wishes on all the bubbles,' laughed Mama, ‘and when they pop, you will be sprinkled with all your special wishes.'

'I made one wish Mama,' giggled Ollie with his eyes tightly shut.

'What’s your wish Ollie?' asked Mama.
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​'My wish Mama,' said Ollie, is for all the children in the world, to make lots of special wishes on their shampoo bubbles and watch all their bubble wishes come true.’
The End
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